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Dog phobia

I swear dog phobia is the worst ever…
I don’t know why dog owners get offensive when they see you are scared of their dogs.
Ohhhh please it’s not under my control
Why don’t people try to understand others sometimes ?!


Tired of explaining

Just wanted to rant, thank you for reading and listening.

My husband has been facing emetophobia (fear or vomitting) or fear of being sick for over a year and it has been really challenging. A lot of things have become triggers... from not being able to eat most things because of potentially how it may affect him, not being able to have people visit (he's not able to get vaccinated), not being able to drink water past a certain time because it could trigger panic attack, not being able to cut his hair because he lost so much weight he's too afraid to see himself with short hair, not being able to use certain utensils and pots because they can be contaminated and many more. It's been hard for him to live day-to-day and just managing triggers and anxieties is really tiring and exhausting. He's been working tirelessly with his therapist to get better and it's a lot of work and energy.

What makes it worse is that he shares with his parents (they're in a different country) as much as possible, but nothing seems to register or there's just no empathy to someone in this situation. When you don't share it's also a problem.

Some questions they would ask regularly, weekly: "Why are you tired all the time?", "Why are you feeling worse? You should be getting better it's been a few weeks", "when are you getting a job?", "Why can't you eat xyz?", "Can you eat what your wife is eating now?", "Why can't we fly over and visit? Are you not interested to see us". We repeat again and again the answers. There always seems to be an agenda to calm their own anxieties without thinking what's the impact on the one who's suffering.

They were shocked recently when my husband and I video-called them and we ended up crying because our situation was so difficult. "You seemed fine last time we chat" they would say.

It's also the same with friends. Even when I tell them we had to go through a crisis (him potentially hurting himself), there was barely a reaction. When they saw a picture of him (he was barely recognizable), then something registered and there was some concern as to what happened (even though he already shared).

Sometimes it really feels like people need to see you suffering, crying, in pain, to know that something is wrong. It's such a tiring place to be in. Apparently words are not enough to be heard or seen sometimes.

#SpecificPhobia #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Anxiety #Depression

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Which type of anxiety do you experience most?

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own anxious island? The condition can be lonely and isolating for those who live it day in and day out. This is complicated by how many types of anxiety actually exist.

Which type do you experience most? Choose one or more from the list below:

💭 Generalized anxiety disorder
😩 Panic disorder
👥 Social anxiety disorder
🕸️ Specific phobia
🏡 Agoraphobia
⛓️ Separation anxiety
🏥 Health/medical anxiety
Anxiety related to OCD
😭 Anxiety related to PTSD/trauma
🍼 Postpartum anxiety

P.S. If you’re looking for a helpful read today, here’s a really excellent article from our Mighty archives that you might like and relate to: themighty.com/2018/03/types-of-anxiety-disorders-do-i-have-anxiety

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Scopophobia #MentalHealth

I have this very odd fear and I have never met anyone who feels the same..
So basically, I am constantly scared that I am being watched by hidden cameras.. whilst I am in my bedroom, bathroom, car, everywhere. If someone comes into my home, when they leave I have to do a quick sweep of the room. I have no idea where the hell this phobia has come from but I can’t convince myself otherwise. Even though, rationally, I know the chances are very slim.
Does anyone else feel this way? Or know anyone who does?
#scopophobia #MentalHealth #SpecificPhobia #Phobia


Does anyone have any specific phobia’s that they battle with?

I’ve battle with “Emetephobia” for many years now and I’m hoping I’m not the only one. A lot of my panic disorder is associated with this phobia. #phobias #PanicAttacks #Depression


It's that time of the month again where the destructive duo of OCD and PMDD team up to take me down. My head is so noisy right now that I just want to sit on the floor and scream until I pass out. It's like a kicked hornets nest in there. I'm so tired and I just want my brain to shut down for a while.

#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PremenstrualDysmorphicDisorder #SocialAnxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #SpecificPhobia #Depression #SuicideOnTheBrain