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Stream Strolling and Springing 🌼

The Duke’s personal walkies chauffeur called in sick today, so I found myself bestowed with the honour of serving HRH 👑

Given the 27 C / 80 F temperature by British standards effectively borders on officially being declared ‘hot’, we went to one of the local streams so the Duke could cool off.

After being reminded by a post in a CFS support group that cold baths and showers, helps to increase circulation, I joined HRH for a stroll through the cold water.

Every year these flowers blossom in the stream. It is a little thing in essence—but one that brings me joy each year that I get to witness their arrival.

#TheLittleThings #Joy #RoomForJoy #MyCondition #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Dogs #SpringMania

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I always feel my body “wake up” when springtime comes

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Do we ever really get better?

Bipolar, anxiety, panic disorder, manic, depression all up over here. I mean I’m still new to The Mighty but I’m hitting a low. I had the hypomania and obviously with the high comes the crashing down. I honestly am telling myself that everyday is getting a little bit better. And it is it really is I’m not sugar coating things here. Having a shower, getting dressed, eating proper hygiene is definitely still a thing for me here however it’s like I’m dragging shackles while doing it. This constant and I mean random constant urge to want to just bawl my face off for no apparent reason? I know there some reason behind it because do we really cry for no reason? I kind of think um no. Anyhow I’m sad I legit feel just sad. And I think I am simply tired and sad of being sad. I feel like I’m just alone and realistically I’m not come on there’s 8billion people in the world and someone out there trully has it worse then me I know that but does this ever go away or just stop or just get easier? Truthfully someone just hit me with the hard god darn truth cause it really feels like this is it this is life. Is it COVID getting the worst of me!? Is it crash after the high?
#BipolarDisorder #SpringMania #sad #anxiousthoughts