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Looking for resources to figure out how to pay my bills. I have never been one to ask for help. In December I knew I was spiraling. By the end of January, I was hospitalized for #si , #MDD , #Anxiety and have not been back to work. #std denied my claim. I have only been able to work 2 hours per day for 6 weeks and that has been a challenge most days. I have depleted the savings account, used the stimulus and now have nothing left to pay bills. My mom has offered to help but I don't want to put her in a tight spot as she is 78 and doesn't have any extra money either. I am currently married but the marriage is in shambles and will not survive the long term. There is no communication and when there is, it is bitterness and anxiety ridden. I have learned through this process that I have been married to someone that resembles a #narcissist . He says he wants to change but only to get his way. The pattern has been established, I just need to be strong enough to walk away emotionally, mentally and physically. This entire process has caused my physical #Health to deteriorate. I am now wearing a #eventmonitor to check for stress induced #afib . Now, the bills keep pouring in but there is nothing left to pay them, unless I use a credit card...

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Whether you've got a runny nose, a broken bone, an STD, or cancer....know this; you are being hugged by the angels of life at every moment. Regardless of who you are, you ARE loved and you matter in this world. Your pains, hurts, tears, they all matter. I am sorry that you are in a position of illness today but hang in there, sweetheart. You have the strength to get through anything and you will! Whether you're here on this earth for 1 second or 1 century, you mean something to this universe...tomorrow will be another day, just keep fighting and never give up. May love surround you today and forever. Big hugs
#sick #doctorsoffice #illnesses #sickandtired #youareloved #Never alone #coldandflu #sickchildren #Cancer #std #brokenbones #scaredofdoctors #strength #youarestrongerthanyouthink