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    Hi! I'm new here...first post!
    I have fibromyalgia and tmj. I came to realise recently that I've been in denial for the last 20 odd years about my fibro and have been constantly masking most of my symptoms. I've burnt myself out countless times over the years.
    I'm currently recovering from a tmj jaw op- the severity and difficulty of my recovery has finally opened my eyes to how much I pretend I'm ok and that I really can't maintain this much longer. I'm only 40 but I think I need to slow down and it's frightening to be honest. I'm just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. #Fibromyalgia #TemporomandibularJointDisorders #sickandtired #denial #Masking

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    Can anyone relate #burntout , #sickandtired of working 100 plus hours because of being short staffed and HR can’t find new employees?

    I thought I had found the perfect job. 4 nights per week and I got to spend weekends with my granddaughter. Great for about 6 months Now I’m working 5 nights a week plus 6 hours on a Saturday with ONE day off. I have no family time anymore. No time for cleaning my own house. And absolutely NO time for myself. So I’m looking for a new job. I’ve got 30 plus years office experience and have applied to 30 plus job postings. SO, either employers are looking for younger talent, posting jobs for s&g’s because the only ones that even seem the slight bit interested are ….., you got it healthcare centers. I don’t want to get right back into the same situation I’m in now. I know that the grass is not always greener on the other side but a 40 hour work week is SO tempting. Even though I haven’t worked in an office setting since 2019 it hasn’t been that long ago. 🥹🥹😞😞


    Communication Nonstarter

    How can I possibly explain to my wife that for months I have discussed that we have communication issues and now I am tired. I feel like it’s my fault and now I would just rather shut my mouth and be much more passive than would be normal for me than to continue having potential conflict for no reason. Having dealt with depression and suicidal ideation and self harm in the past it’s just not worth it to me to work on this anymore. It’s an I’ve made this bed so lay in it situation. I want to run away or put a bullet in my brain or come down with an illness and die but that won’t happen so now I wait and just exist in this. How do I even try to explain or should I just let it go….hoping for psychogenic death. #MDD #sickandtired


    Ableism in psychotherapy #Disabled #chronicallyill #Therapist #Advocacy #LymeDisease #sickandtired

    I have been so fed up this term with starting practicum and still being in grad school and all these microaggressions happening with my supervisor and professors and how much SHAME I've been feeling for the ways in which my body cannot "keep up" or needs accommodations to work around ableist constructs of what it means to "show up" in the role of the therapist. There is nothing wrong with having a disabled body or having certain limitations...there IS something wrong with a field built on helping people, on not supporting access and space for all types of embodied experiences as therapists! We need more disabled therapists...we need more chronically ill therapists...and just because our reliability and consistency shows up differently than an ableist notion of these same constructs does not mean that we are not reliable or consistent or not meant for this work! Thats bs...Im so tired of having to feel like I need to hide parts of myself in order to sit in the "seat" of the therapist...and this also coming from somatic psychology that emphasizes the importance of the body?!...I CANT smh...there is a such need for more disabled therapists, and if that means also continuing to actively challenging the ableism that is drenched in the field of psychotherapy...well Ill keep using my final papers for that lol....I could go on and on and my brain is just spooned out and my own mini flare happening at the same time so I will end here...

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    Tired of the wash rinse repeat

    I really don’t want to be me any more. I don’t move ahead. I can’t keep up. I am slow, and forgetful, forget things, forget where I put things, misjudge time, make a mess with ans not realizing it. Can’t decide what I need so I bring too much, clean the same room over and over again cause I live in it all the time cause I am comfortable in it, I am always fatigued. Always tired. My condition changes from one day to another. I can’t say .” I’ll be there “ cause I don’t know how I will # sick feel that day. I don’t want to be me anymore, #sickandtired

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    Testy Chapter

    This time it’s been rough! Easiest way to put it. So now our good old pal lupus has decided to attack my bladder and it has been a spiral of craziness. It’s been 4 months since we have started treating the Lupus Cystitis with Chemo and higher doses of Prednisone 🥵 and it is takin a toll on me mentally and physically. I feel like the doctors are just kinda blindly treating me due to never actually treating a patient with it. MY BLADDER HURTS, STINGS,BURN, and ACHES all day long even more when going. After seeing how bad my bladder is they were gonna do a biopsy but decided it to big of a risk with it being so fragile so no biopsy but we do know it’s extremely inflamed and causing lots of pain on top of other things. I’ve had two hospital stays in back to back months a week and the other a week an a couple of days trying to control pain. Moon face is real( see above pic) I’ve gained so much weight and it’s only making things in life more hard then usual but it’s time to pull up my big girl undies and do what I gotta do #Lupus #warrior #LupusWarriors #sickandtired #CVID #LUPUSCycstits #tired #GottaKeepOnMovin #ItsOkNotToBeOk #HBP #SystemicLupusErythematosus #KidneyDisease #GERD #Fibromyalgia #Asthma #RaynaudsPhenomenon #BloodClots #ChronicBloodClots


    Barely Holding On 😢😢😩😩

    Can you medicate me?

    Can you feel my pulse?

    I am too far to find me

    I am too numb to feel these broken bones

    Staring from the outside

    All your ignorance

    Makes it hard to see

    Beneath my skin I fight a war within

    I fight a war within

    If these scars could speak

    You would hear my hell

    And all the lies I use to save myself

    If these scars could speak

    You would know my pain

    And all the demons hiding in my rage

    If these scars could speak

    All the stigma feeding

    It sucks the life from me

    Now I'm suffocating

    All your expectations drowning me

    Walls are closing in now

    How will I survive?

    Is it really over?

    Tell me, will I make it through the night?

    Will I make it through the night?

    Can you hear them

    Will you listen?

    Can you hear them

    Inside of my head...?

    I fight a war within

    Will I make it through the night?
    #Depression #FeelngAlone #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #donefighting #sickandtired #PTSD #Anxiety #Nofightleft #deadinside #DontFeelAlive #TheseThoughtsWontLetMeSleep #WillThisPainEverEnd


    Sick (not literally) and Tired #sickandtired

    Is anyone else sick and tired of everyone around them just doing whatever the hell they want (big Thanksgiving plans, taking a trip on an airplane out of one dangerous area to another and then driving to yet another). I'm so tired of the "me" mentality...."well for MY mental well being, I need to go out and do things and see friends and have my Thanksgiving and travel" etc etc etc. THIS IS HOW WE GOT HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!  If everyone had buckled down to begin with we may not be in such a bad position now.  Yeah, I'm tired of the virus too but if more people were less selfish I think we'd all be better off right now.

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    Waiting on time #Fibro #sickandtired

    On those days that I have CFS which is most of the time I feel like I'm just waiting to die.