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Self harm recovery

Finally got one of the biggest items on my wishlist scratched off ive been wanting to do this for years, but being over 40 and with the arrival of 2 beautiful grandchildren over the last 6 years, it became more important to me to get these years of self harm scars on my arms covered up with something beautiful this is the best $300 I've ever spent I wish I would have done it a long time ago The feeling of not being so insecure and embarrassed is priceless this is amazing I'm so happy #Selfharm #MentalHealth #SelfharmRecovery #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #SemicolonTattoo

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Mental health tattoo #Tattoo #SemicolonTattoo #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

After the hardest year of my life and intestine therapy I see this tattoo as my step into recovery and hopefully if I relapse it will remind me to keep going and remember to breathe, that my life is a journey worth continuing and with every relapse and recovery I get stronger.

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To get a tattoo or not

I have contemplated getting a tattoo for a year or so now. But I wanted to wait till o was self harm free. Sadly I broke that early this year once, so plan was to wait again. But even so I feel more drawn to doing it now. I think while I did self harm this most mental stability I have had. I regret self harming, happier than ever, and have not thought of committing suicide in almost a year. Over last bit I have thought about what I would want as permanent to describe my story. And I came up with a version of the semicolon and butterfly with tie into some of my favorite things flowers and pokemon.

I am nervous about getting something so permanent, but everytime I think about it I smile. I think of the reminder to myself of how strong I am. I think of the story it can tell to someone and the story I can tell them of continuing to fight.

#Anxiety #Tattoos #SemicolonTattoo #ProjectSemicolon #Selfharm


Show me yours! #SemicolonTattoo

I have wanted to get a semicolon tattoo for years, but I wanted to wait until I felt like I was past the worst of it. Of course you can never guarantee that, but I am recovering and it's time.

I made my appointment for Tuesday. I just want a small, simple, black tattoo but I can't decide where.

Show me yours! Help me decide! TIA! ❤

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My healing tattoo #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I got this tattoo on 3 December of this year. I decided get this tattoo to stop self-harm and improve my recovery. I put this tattoo in the arm I started hurting in 2019 when I start self-harm. The tattoo is red like a wound. The loto flower represents my body which improve after sexual abuse and years of dissociation (I can't feel sexual pleasure for years and I was anorgasmic, because my vagina was dissociate and I can't feel anything). Loto flower grow in the mud (which represents the sensation of dirt I feel in my body and still feel it) but it's a beautiful flower who represents purity. The point and coma represents my battle against self-harm and my 2019 when I've been passed 7 months being chronically actively suicidal and mainly 15 April, the day when I decided took my life, but finally I don't. Now I'm here. My battle against BPD and trauma hasn't finished yet, but I can do it. You can do it. I see you and I love you and I hope with all my heart you can recover. A lot of love everyone♥️
#CheerMeOn #Recovery #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SexualAbuse #Trauma #SuicideIdeation #Selfharm #Dissociation #Tattoo #SemicolonTattoo #ProjectSemicolon

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#MentalHealth #Bipolar1Disorder ##SuicidalIdeation #SemicolonTattoo

Got my tattoo finished this week. It represents a lot for me. The green being bipolar and mental health awareness, the yellow and semicolon suicide prevention/fighter, peach invisible illness.

The poem is by Matt Baker:
She never seemed shattered;
To me she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she's won.

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Mental Health Tattoo

I got this tattoo for two reasons: as a reminder to myself to keep going and as a remembrance piece for a close friend of mine who died by suicide.

It’s a panda with a hidden semicolon in it. I have always wanted a semicolon tattoo and stumbled across this design on Pinterest. I also wanted to get a tattoo for my dear friend who just as me, struggled with mental health problems. She died too young. She loved pandas and would draw me pandas in my school notebooks. Every time I look at this tattoo, it reminds me to keep going and that this friend will always be with me wherever I go; I will never be alone. RIP my friend, I miss and love you so much.
#MentalHealth #SemicolonTattoo #CheckInWithMe #Suicide #ChesterBennington #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BodyFocusedRepetitiveBehaviors #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #Schizophrenia #SchizophrenicNYC #LimbDifference #Migraine #isorder #Insomnia #nightterrors #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #SocialAnxiety #SeasonalAffectiveDisorder #Tattoo #Medication #PsychiatricMedication #SSRI #Antipsychotics #Benzodiazepines #PANSPANDAS