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    My anxiety's biggest fear

    I just found out my dad needs to have emergency surgery for a blockage in his stomach. He's the type of guy who's never sick besides an occasional cold and even then he would get up to go to work because he's strong and the hardest worker I know.

    I can see the fear in his eyes but I know he is going to come out stronger than he went in. Let his faith be stronger than his fears. My faith is strong for him right now. I don't have the strength to be weak and he needs me.

    Thank God for my mom forcing him to the emergency room. Only a man who loves a woman so deeply would stop being stubborn for just a second. I trust in God. Our faith is never lost. This too shall pass. All of a sudden the things that didn't really matter before, really don't matter at all right now.

    I never ask for anything because I just don't know how to but I do ask for prayers. Thank you.

    #prayers #Surgery #Faith #healed #Love
    #Anxiety #Depression #Life #Family #Friends #peace #Trust #god #Health


    #Restoration of #mind and #body

    I just can't help but share...I went through 8 years of misery with pain every day, I mean, every single day. I've went through gallstone surgery(4 years ago and I had been sick every morning for 20 years), neck surgery(2 years ago and couldn't hardly walk before the surgery), knee surgery(3 weeks ago and couldn't hardly walk the month before it) and Glory be to God, I feel renewed. I had a twisted cartilage in my left knee, I remember when it happened but didn't realize it could cause so much hell in my life. I took the sutures off of my knee area this morning and I am so happy at how it has healed. It took work and effort to get it to bending properly and I can say today, it's like a new me... Since I came out of knee surgery recovery, no more back pain, my mind is even happier(happiest I think that I have ever been), no aches, no pains anywhere and I can even walk faster. I still need to strengthen my foot area, but other than that... It's so weird not being in pain in the morning when you wake up. I pray that each one of you has a pain free day, I'm not bragging, just letting you know that after a lot of years, there is still peace and renewal that can still take place. Keep the faith, keep going to the Drs. until you find the right one, keep taking the meds if you need to and keep having the hope that one day will be so much brighter and keep the faith, whichever one you choose, I chose Jesus Christ, and keep praying to your higher power, I chose the Great I Am, and you can't go wrong. It might not be today, tomorrow or a year or 8 from now, but if you can have that faith and do what you need to do to help take care of you(mind, body and spirit), miracles can and do still happen, I am a witness with a HUGE testimony. Ya have a great day :) #healed #miraclesdohappen #freeofpain #FreeAtLast #restored #happy


    Can I trust my senses?

    It amazes me that I can’t see everyone else’s reality. I see things through my thick lens of my traumas and mental illness. I really can trust what I see, hear, hear, or even say.

    When people recant situation that I have been present to witness I am completely amazed how it can be a complete opposite of what I say.

    People repeat to me something I have said and I have no recollection of saying it the way I did.

    Sometimes I wonder what reality I am living. I know what gaslighting is but this is different.

    Here are my diagnosis but they aren’t my identity. # Bipolar 1 w/ sever depression #CPSD #ADHD #…. A lot more. #healed from Borderline Personality Disorder


    Bit of my story! #MentalHealth #Selfharm #healed

    So I thought the first thing I should write about in here is a bit of my story.
    My name is Anna. And I use to be a self harmer. For 8 years a struggled with that terrible secret. The love/ hate relationship. And all the fear and shame that came with it. I was in such a dark place then, but that wasn’t the end of my story.
    I found Healing in a place I never thought I would. And I have come so far. I am now celebrating over 1 year of being free from self harm. And guess what! I believe I can help you do the same thing. The purpose of this group is for you all to have a safe place to talk about your struggles and also find an alternative route of natural healing.

    #Selfharm #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Healing #naturalhealing #myjourney

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    I just realised I never #healed from my first relationship.

    it was open meaning we open to dating others even though I wanted full term commitment. My father was a narcisstic and abused and neglected me so this was the second male relationship that I had to look up to. I hate it now that I look back. I feel it set me up to fail. Now I just start arguments with everyone I meet.