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Guilt of picking my POA #the PERSON U TRUST THE MOST

Im having all my documents made up, naming my only child, a son, as my POA. I think i might have to get a safety deposit box to keep all these documents hidden and safe. I also have to find a life insurance policy i can afford and keep secret. It will name my son as the beneficiary. When we spoke about it, he wanted to take on the responsibility bc he didn’t want my health in anyones hands. I told him I would tell everyone and smooth things over so that he didn’t have to deal with everyone’s animosity that r going to get stuck in their feelings (I know my life partner will feel some type of way when he finds out I didn’t pick him) but my son told me that he wanted to keep it secret and he would deal with everyone after i pass or am incapacitated. Its always been my son and i. Everytime he and i blink, its seems like the people in our lives change but our constant is each other!!!!! He is the only person I trust 100 percent!
My guilt stems from not picking certain people. And another part of my guilt is that i picked my son concerning the weight of having to make these decisions.
#is this too much to put on one’s offspring?



#is itching a symptom of fibromyalgia? Each day am troubled with severe itching the only help is Benadryl. What can I do to relieve this deadly itching.


#is this abuse?

My primary illness is #PTSD . My sister has been telling mutual friends and family members information about me. She has completely ostracized me from everyone but my doctors and a few friends on facebook. She is the only one with a key to my home and car. I neglected to get them back. I woke up one morning to find she had opened my back door and left it open all night. My car has been tampered with. She refused to give me family photos. Her best buddy my younger brother hacked my pc on 06/07/20 and it is still going on. #why cannot I not get help? I have proof.