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Lamictal 100mg

#Lamictal #moodstabilizer #BipolarDisorder

Hey! Tonight I'm starting 100 mg of Lamictal (I've been slowly going up on doses).
How long did it take you to notice a difference on Lamictal, and what dosage did you notice a difference?


what are your experiences with Lamictal and antiepileptics in general #Bipolar2Disorder #Lamictal

hey! I'm new here; next week I'm gonna start taking Lamictal along with the Prozac and Seroquel I'm already on. The last few months my mood has been all over the place, and after being on top of the world... I now feel just numb.
I'm scared of this new medication, what are your experiences with it?
#BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Lamictal


Lamictal and bad joint pain? Taking lamictal then Arthritis diagnosis? #Epilepsy #Arthritis #ChronicPain #BipolarDisorder #Lamictal

Hi all, I’m sorry and I hope it is okay that I am using this to try to find if anyone else is having or has had a similar experience as me regarding potential drug side effects and chronic pain or inflammation or arthritis(?) caused by lamictal/lamotrigine.

I’m very confused and freaking out—I was diagnosed w psoriatic arthritis in June after years of increasingly bad joint and ligament pain (I didn’t have good insurance, so 4-5 years I dealt with it and other then telling my PCP never spoke w a specialist, of any kind, about it.) Around the same time I started experiencing severe knee pain (I was only 25) I also started Lamictal for bipolar, but I never wondered if they were related and after 6mo I was no longer seeing any specialist bc I had no insurance, just taking the meds on my own and getting thru what I could day by day pain wise (basically becoming a low key alcoholic for years).

Because of the recent arthritis diagnosis and worsening pain, through random research about arthritis this week I just started finding accounts from 2018 (epilepsy forum discussions) of other early 20’s and 30’s people who were on lamictal, started having disruptive joint pain and ended up going to Rheumatologists; some were then being diagnosed with arthritis and some say they were told lamictal played a role in the pain and inflammation and were taken off and after several months things got better. I have seen 8 doctors since June but none of them have said anything about a potential connection, and this week my Dr says I should start Humira at home for my arthritis pain (a pretty serious drug so I’d like to be pretty darn certain before taking it…)

Please reply if you know or think you know anything about what I’m talking about. I am waiting on doctors (second opinions and neurologists, and I can’t get in for weeks) and my pain has become some severe it is hard for me to work/use my hands/type; any anecdotal help will help me w research. Thank you!!


Problems titrating up on meds

I went up to 50 mg on my Lamictal on Wednesday and, since then, I feel like my depression is getting worse again. I was finally feeling better at 25 mg, but now I’m feeling unmotivated, tired, and apathetic again. Has this happened to anyone else when they titrate up on a mood stabilizer? I see my doctor on Monday so I will definitely talk to him about it, but I am just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences?
#Depression #Anxiety #Lamictal #titration


Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week.

I am trying a new drug combo - going from Lexapro/Latuda to Lexapro/Lamictal to treat suicidal depression. Things have been so dire lately and I’m really hoping for a miracle. Any positivity and prayers would be welcome! #Depression #SuicidalIdeation #Lamictal


Lamictal Nearly Destroyed Me (dystonia, catatonic, seizures)

It started with my first ever seizure, followed by the inability to walk. After an ER visit, I was diagnosed with Dystonia. What followed was months of hell, as I went in and out of muscle weakness and near catatonic states. I still have problems and PTSD from that summer. I was going to try and sue the pharmaceutical company because none of these things were listed in the side-effects, but I couldn't find a lawyer to take my case. I still have all the documents and videos.
#Lamictal #Catatonia #Dystonia #BipolarDisorder #SideEffects


New Medication #Lamictal

I have been on 1 medication for 2 days now. It's an older medication but one that's been helpful. #Hopeful.


#Lamotrigine #Lamictal joint pain?

I’ve been taking Lamotrigine for about 8 weeks. Now at 100mg for 4 weeks, I’m having joint pain especially in my knees/hips, and shooting pains down my shins. Anyone have this side effect? I the take other meds, but this is a new symptom


Does lamotrigine mainly help the depression or mania (or both)? #Lamictal #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Mania

I have bipolar two and I think it helps with the depression, but I want to know what will happen to the mania. I've read studies that it only helps depression, but I wanted to make sure.


Has anyone had visual disturbances due to their medication?

I have been taking lithium for years and in September of 2019 I started to take 150 mg of Lamictal. In December of 2019 I started to see a blue circle in left eye whenver I blink that is now in both my eyes as well. Every so often everything turns ppink in my left field of vision also. I went to the eye doctor and they said my eyes are healthy and it is mostly neurological possibly due to my medication. I was just wondering if anything similar has happened to you guys? #visualdisturbances #BipolarDisorder #Lamictal #lithium