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To do list

I am home sick from work and I'm proud to announce that I have successfully woken up three times today. Winning at life! 😂

#Sleep #Wakeup #todolist #MakeMeLaugh

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Alarms but positive

Okay let’s be real hearing an alarm in the morning SUCKS and I don’t know about you but often an agressive sounding alarm freaks me out and makes waking up a whole lot harder. iPhone doesn’t seem to have many options that don’t sound intense but I tried to choose something somewhat soft on my ears. If anybody has a suggestion on apps that have better Alarms please go ahead. But I’ve also renamed my alarms hoping seeing this positive messages as the alarms go off will help me be at ease. Yes I’m the kinda person with heaps of alarms 😅 #alarms #MorningRoutine #PraiseGOD #Wakeup #noisy


Flossing my mind..

Read if you will.. or don't.
The struggle seems endless. Every day another #Battle .. I #Wakeup only to fight myself not to go back to #Sleep then I lay awake and #fight my way through the day. I live with my boyfriend, and every now and again he reminds me by saying things like he provides a roof over my kids' heads.
I had a home. I let it go for him.
I have a never-ending student loan debt, and Im unable to work because of the severety of my multiple illnesses.
I feel like I'm at a loss.
How do I get ahead if I can't seem to put one foot in front of the other?
I often want to leave but I have no where to go, and I was reminded of this the last time I stormed out at 3am in the cold northern weather.
I know there are far worst things going on in the world right now but I can't catch my breath. I want to provide stability for my kids but I barely have enough for myself.
It's hard. But I'm told to keep fighting and that it will be worth it.

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Morning You Awake Yet!!! #Cat #Giggles

Good Morning ChatSpace

Alarm Clock no just get a Cat!!!!

😻😹 hope its claws are in 🙀

How did you sleep ?

Love n hugs Tj 😴❤🐶🐱🐾🤗😘 #Love #Hugs #Talking #Vent #rant #Family #Friends #Bekind #humour #giggleswithafriend #Fun #Wakeup


#Wakeup #Noenergy

I woke this morning feeling decent. I got up and got dressed for the day planing to do some much needed house work. I was thinking ok, I've got energy this morning. I'm going to get some stuff done today.
I sat down to talk to my husband before he left to go to town.
And now I don't have the energy to get up from the bed.