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    Any excercise tips? #Fibromyalgia

    Trying to stay in shape but I’m gaining weight and losing muscle mass. I’m exhausted all the time from #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and #Fibromyalgia and the muscle pain has been so awful for the last several months. I drag myself to work around noon and then collapse back at home at 6 and hope that my bosses don’t notice that I’m not even managing to work half days. I feel useless and like a weight on society and the last thing I have left is this imperfect body and I just want to keep it in as good condition as I can but I don’t see how I can possibly excercise through the pain and exhaustion. This flare won’t go away. I’ve been looking for a good (free) yoga app that has more gentle yoga. I had been trying to build up from stretching to yoga to barre to Pilates but as soon as I try more intensive yoga or barre my body gives out. The pain in my legs has kept me from getting out and walking. There’s no public pools where I live so I can’t do water excercise. I’m lost and don’t know what to do. My spouse is overwhelmed trying to care for me. I hate this. #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Workout #Advice #overwhelmed

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    I started working out with a personal trainer today, and it went well! I never would have thought I could do this. Anyways, I'm proud of myself and wanted to share it:)

    #Depression #Anxiety #progress #Workout #Trying

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    My mental barrier has emerged again.

    I was tested positive for covid. I have recovered now. But I'm facing extreme weakness, and fatigue. But what I'm worried about is, before being tested positive I was somehow working out. I was able to do it. It was somewhere inside me that I need to workout everyday. But after covid hit and after my recovery I've lost my mental strength again. Which came to me very difficultly. And I'm so sad about that. Now I can't find motivation to even get out of my bed. I want to workout and lose weight but I'm not able to do it. It's so frustrating and exhausting. I don't know what to do.
    Please advice me something so that atleast I'm able to do my daily workout.

    #COVID19 #recovered
    #Depression #Anxiety #WeightLoss #Workout #Exercise #help

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    Kick out the negativity

    <p>Kick out the negativity</p>
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    This is one of my favorite workouts I would love for you to try your self and let me know what you think

    <p>This is one of my favorite workouts I would love for you to try your self and let me know what you think<br></p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Keeping Active During "Stay At Home Orders"

    I hope we're all doing our best to remain healthy, both mentally and physically. For me that involves working out! Exercise has been something very important to me my entire life. This time has allowed me to get creative with my training and that has been a lot of fun. I hope everyone if finding a way to be physically active as well! :)
    #physicalactivity #Exercise #Workout

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    feeling good today

    I’m so glad I was able work out today and was able to kick the anxiety and depression to the curb for the day. I may be just struggling with my adhd since my moods goes in waves but I feel that being active everyday has a massive impact on health and mental issues. Giving people the love and the encouragement to get up off your butt and move. #ADHD #Workout

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