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#Wonder # Christian #Anxiety #Photography

A day at the marine aquarium. Though this is from a while back. I can’t help but be in a state of wonder looking at the detail that our God put into his creatures! I’m astounded taking a close look into the eye!

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Do you ever wonder how people "see" you?#Wonder #Human #selfesteemissues

Sometimes i feel like when i talk, i seem like a little kid. My voice is soft and young for my age. Or people will talk down to me. Or when they talk some will talk like they are talking to a kid. I have a learning disability (Intellectual disability) Which i read has a connection to Autism? Sometimes i wonder if i have some traits of it. I lack social skills and i'M bad with communication,. Yes you guessed it. i'M a shy person. That is just how sometimes i feel like i come across to people and how special i feel treated. #LearningDisabilities #shy #Autism #Anxiety #Depression



I am in the final semester of my 4 year nursing degree, and man, it is hard to be successful when depression is hitting full force. I know I’ll be a good nurse, both at the skill/medical part and the nurse-patient relationship part. But that doesn’t stop my brain from trying to convince me that I’ll be garbage at it.

I wonder if I’ll ever live a day where I feel fully comfortable in my own skin AND comfortable with my mind. I wonder if that’s even possible. I really wonder if I’ll ever have a day where I genuinely want to live. I’ve started to accept that I may have suicidal thoughts for my entire life. But if that’s the case, I want to live a day where the thought can pop into my mind and I can tell it to screw off and that I’m happy.

I also wonder what other people experience with their depression. Do you hope for the same things as me? Do you feel like your depression tries to ruin your success?

How can we change this?! Is there a way?

#Depression #Nurse #nursingschool #Wonder #future #Happiness #change

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When I’m on the road, I sometimes imagine a car hitting me while driving and could possibly end my life. I wonder if people would actually miss me when I’m gone? Would they post about me on social media ? Would they cry at my funeral? Would they reminisce the good times with me? All I can do is wonder. #Thoughts #Wonder


#Wonder #Selflove

Have you ever experienced making your self your safe space but then after you got your conditions, you felt betrayed by your own body and you don't feel secure anymore? And because of that you tried to find a safe space on other people and activities but things didn't work out well and you're left in pain and in deep frustration?

And now you're trying to look back and hope you didn't do what you did and hope to make your self again your own safe space; but you're reluctant because your body is just so spontaneous (flare ups) and you just cannot trust it enough....

I am already on the stage that I want my self to be my safe space again. People have their own lives so you cannot expect them to be there for you most of the time so I learned I need to trust and love my self and my conditions but it is hard and it is tiring 😔

So, how did you cope such experience? Care to share the process you've experienced in accepting your self and your conditions? What have you done?

#AutoimmuneThyroidDisease #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Fibromyalgia #DistractMe #CheckInWithMe

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This is my inspiring thought for today. It’s from my #Wonder calendar from this month. I love the book Wonder and the movie is pretty good too. It feels good to write down your own story and do your thing.