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    Doing better, but not to the point I’d like to be at. #shy #Quiet #CollegeMentalHealth

    The less time I spend on here I take as a sign I’m doing better. I’m currently in college now and a lot of things I never did in high school I was able to accomplish this past year. I’ve learned people don’t care if you don’t know them and want to eat lunch together and not alone. Now however I feel I’m falling back into the trap of not asking thanks to moments where I actually DID want to be alone. How do I find a balance without social anxiety taking over? I don’t want to be too content with eating alone frequently.


    Social Anxiety worsened…. So I started ZOLOFT. But then…

    Ok so this past summer I’ve been more anxious than ever. I’ve alway been super shy. I used to be in with it but I’ve been feeling more depressed lately because of shyness. Now when I visit my cousins I see all of them have friends. It looks so easy for them. And For me it’s also trying to cope with social anxiety and dealing with COVID-19 mitigation protocols which is like attempting to walk in 2 opposing directions. So, I remain lonely and sad still. This summer I went on Zoloft. (My mom and doctors have been wanting me to take this type of medication but I never wanted to back in middle school and high school.) But I finally did…and 2 weeks go by… I was hoping I’d notice a difference. And all of a sudden one night I lay in bed, and I’m itching like crazy. I stay on Zoloft for few more days… 7-12 days I’d sat and I was still itching. So I go off again…2 days later itching is gone…completely. Going on 1 and a half weeks with no itching, it’s gone!! Then today, the itching returns. And I’m still off Zoloft, I did not restart. I hope this isn’t a permanent side affect of attempting it. I’m just frustrated. I finally try the medication…and sure enough I itch right after starting and I have to go off it! #shy #AnxietyMedication #SocialAnxietyDisorder


    Do you ever wonder how people "see" you?#Wonder #Human #selfesteemissues

    Sometimes i feel like when i talk, i seem like a little kid. My voice is soft and young for my age. Or people will talk down to me. Or when they talk some will talk like they are talking to a kid. I have a learning disability (Intellectual disability) Which i read has a connection to Autism? Sometimes i wonder if i have some traits of it. I lack social skills and i'M bad with communication,. Yes you guessed it. i'M a shy person. That is just how sometimes i feel like i come across to people and how special i feel treated. #LearningDisabilities #shy #Autism #Anxiety #Depression



    whenever someone makes fun of me or tell me they don't like me I get sad and angry, but more than being angry on them I get angry on myself for being so emotionaly vulnerable. are my feelings justified?
    #why #feelings #MoodDisorders #AMillionLittleThings #shy


    Help those who need it!

    Anyone in high school? College? If you see someone sitting alone in high school, at least ask them something! Maybe invite them to join you. I’m personally shy, so when fellow students asked me if I wanted to sit with them I was happy. However, I didn’t really enjoy it because i knew there were more people sitting alone at lunch where I was. I never gained the courage to ask that question. If you can, at least try! #shy #sittingalone #Shyness #lonely #leftout



    i am new here.. #shy =


    Feeling lonely

    I hate being me. I am #shy and dealing #SocialAnxiety and #Anxiety. I can’t make #Friends .


    What If

    Since I don't hear from or see my family for weeks at a time I wonder if I would really be missed if I weren't around. #Introvert #shy #sleepalot #medstoomany #hermit


    I am sorry I did not answer my phone 📱when you called.

    I am sorry I did not answer my phone when you called. I don’t use it for that 😉 #Anxiety
    #Depression #MentalHealth #Recovery #Introvert #shy #Life #Anorexia #EatingDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MySymptoms