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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Intherye. I'm here because I’ve been fighting cancer since I was 22, I am now 34, that’s thirteen years, and I was just diagnosed with reoccurring brain cancer. This time, instead of the left side of my head, it’s attacking the right. It’s like I’m going back in time and starting all over. I need ways to stay strong and this site seems like it could be helpful. If you have any music or books or any forms of positive formulas drop a comment. Also, please don’t be shy!

#MightyTogether #BrainCancer #Cancer #youngadult #Cancers #HeadAndNeckCancer #MentalHealth

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Your day will come ❤️ #MightyTogether

I’m at the age In life where BIG beautiful exciting things are suppose to happen.

Internships , big moves , Babies . College degrees, marriages, dream jobs, first houses , first “bought it yourself car”

Big, beautiful , life changing things

I’m in a phase of my life .. where 99% of the time a big life change means a health flare .. or health decrease . 😂😬🤦🏼‍♀️.
Or new medical equipment.. or perscription to help me with that flare or decrease 😂😅

And sometimes.. sometimes embarrassingly Enough.

I’ll scroll through social media world .. see these big beautiful life changing things.

And I’ll feel like I want to act like a defiant toddler . Kick and scream and yell .. “. It’s MY turn now... when will it be MY turn!”

( awful right )

I’m so happy that the people I love are getting these big beautiful life changing things.

But sometimes.. I feel like. .. once .. just once ... I’d like a “ life change “
that is big and beautiful.. not my typical .. sad .. and health / dream destroying .

But the other day .. as the big green monster of envy began to wrap its arms around me . I had to go back to a trick I learned way back when everyone was applying for college.
And I was scribbling funeral plans in a notebook. As my body slowly starved to death from an undiagnosable illness (. Which ended up being connective tissue disease caused Gastroparesis)

I had to take a deep breath and say .

“My day will come . “

And I belief it to be true.

Some days I litterally feel like I was just put on this earth to “ suffer well “

But I FIRMLY do believe that God does bless us all with “ Beautiful life changing things “ eventually .

And when that day comes .

to put it short.
I hope the ones I love will Be as excited with my successes
With the amount of power, enthusiasm , and love that they used to supportive through my trails

So if you have felt the way I do .

And you just feel like EVERYONE is getting “ big beautiful life changing things”

But you .

My only advice is .

Be incredibly stoked for the success of others .

Fawn over baby clothes
Drool over home decor
Help a friend study
Send a good luck gift for that all to important interview
Look at home after possible home that they show you online . .
( Even if you feel like your eyes are going to bleed If you stare at one more floor plan. )
Make the candy lei for the graduation.
Be the “hype friend “ during wedding planning .

Be the friend you would want to have .
Because if nothing else ..

One. Day.
Your day will come

#smileon🐷 #chronicillness #spoonie #lifethoughts #treatotherasyouwouldliketobetreated #chronicpain #yourdaywillcome #youngadult



Walking aimlessly in the dark.

Lost in my own, cold world.

Not knowing the way out.

Always ending up back where I started.

All Alone.

Searching for someone.

Someone who can help me find myself.

So that I can escape from this emotionless circle

Surrounding my soul.

Author's Note: Things tend to get worse before they get better... this poem was written when they got worse. I was a young adult (19/20) and I desperately needed help but went in all the wrong ways to ask for it. Depression can be such a soul crushing experience, especially when you are battling it alone against yourself in your mind. #Poetry #expressyourself #Depression #youngadult