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    Can’t ACCESS treatment!

    The only available treatment for my 16 year long battle with a secondary autoimmune neuropathy is unfortunately inaccessible to me due to:

    - insurance not willing add it to its coverage guidelines yet

    - out of pocket cost being $9.7k/infusion.

    According to my doctor, I need these infusions for at least 12 months to start.

    This is what medical exclusivity looks like.

    I live every day with neuropathy burning me from the inside out, which is quite literally hell and I cannot access treatment.

    #AutoimmuneAutonomicNeuropathy #SmallFiberNeuropathy #autoimmune #treatment #Disability #Accessibility #access

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Hey everyone

    I created this group to help you help me. I am starting a podcast on wheelchair access issues and would love community input so I can build my episodes with information collected from those who deal with it every day. #Accessibility #access #Advocacy #Podcast

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    #access for low income people

    So, if Obamacare is obliterated cost of mental health care it's probably going to be limited or too expensive for someone on a fixed income. That bothers me.

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