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Community Voices
Community Voices
Community Voices

I'm tired of feeling tired.

I'm tired of feeling fed up

I'm tired of spending all day in bed as I can't do/face anything else

But most of all...

I'm tired of being in excruciating pain due to my endo on top of my Chronic pain due to EDS!

I know there is an end to this but it seems to be so far away as I don't have a date for my op yet, not to mention the fact that that might not even stop the pain!


I want to get back to work but at the same time I'm terrified that I won't cope when I do!

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Community Voices

Has anyone experienced hypermobility after starting visanne? #Endo #Endometriosis #Hypermobility

When I first started Visanne (Dienogest/
progestogen only pill) I pretty mutch immediately was getting Joint Pains and started to be noticeably more flexible. I was hypermobile my whole life but my problems never were as severe as now. I went to the doctors multiple times but every single one of the thinks it can’t be connected to this medication. I switched medications for a while and my symptoms improved a tiny bit. But as soon as I restarted Visanne my issues started to worsen again.

I think the explanation of one of my doctors that „it‘s just in my head“ doesn’t work out because I am „measurably“ more flexible. By that I mean I can touch the floor much easier I‘ve got many new stretchmarks that at just not explainable otherwise ect.

If anyone has ever experienced something similar or has any advice I would be very grateful to hear from you!

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Trying to think this is funny, but it’s not really … #Endo warrior

Anyone else wish they could invent a wearable diaper shaped heating pad for pain ?

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Community Voices

Can’t stop crying and so overwhelmed #fibropain #BipolarDisorder #Endo

I am sitting here waiting for the sun to come out (if it decides to due to our Winter weather!) crying from the endless pain, the dark thoughts and the overwhelming feeling that my life is again spiraling out of control. I just found out there is another cyst on my last ovary and the oh so familiar pain of endo is becoming unbearable. Fighting that with my never ending pain due to fibromyalgia it just never seems to end. I know my state of mind isn’t helping, the last connection I have with my dad who passed away is being sold and there is so much pressure from my family who shows no support and doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with me to be on top of it all. I just am struggling to find reason…purpose, anything to grasp on to. I feel like I want to give up because it’s all too much. No matter how I try to explain the pain, unless you have experienced it, you can’t understand it and there are always the comparisons, oh I am in pain too you know…I constantly feel like saying it’s not a competition!!
Thanks for reading this message, I needed to express myself without judgment or without anyone minimising my pain. Xxoo

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Period talk

Why does nobody talk about the fact that the most important and trusting relationship a woman can have is with her tampon and pad choice. Don’t you get anxious if you are unable to buy your usual “preference”? I can’t imagine going into a store and just making a selection at random, I need my tried and true favourites to carry me through the month. #ChronicPain #Period #Endo #IIH #ChronicIllness

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laparoscopy for endometriosis... how quickly does the pain come back?

Hi guys... I had a laparoscopy done two weeks ago. A cyst was removed and spot of endometriosis. I am now back in pain? Is this normal? I am so upset to have less then two weeks pain free! #Endometriosis #Endo #ChronicPain

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Endo excision surgery Utah?

Those of you from Utah, who did your diagnostic laparoscopy? Would you recommend them? #Endometriosis #Endo

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