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    Bipolar1 and Sunbstance Abuse Relapse

    I have a personal experience I need to share!
    Part of my history is #SelfMedicating /#SubstanceAbuse ; sober going in 20 years. My mental health diagnoses were re-evaluated approx. 2 months ago (new, wonderful psychiatrist). #Bipolar1 was established; with it came medication changes. I have been “controlling” a simmering rage-type mania for a week. I always observe, watch, connect the dots of everything. With this mania my body is feeling an empty yet POWERFUL “need” to SELF-MEDICATE. I am incredibly grateful I have no desire to do this and grateful I recognize this ‘need’ as a RED FLAG FOR IMMEDIATE MEDICATION RE-EVALUATION!! A video-called my psychiatrist. She looked at me and said “You you look manic.” (She’s great!) My meds were tweaked; I’m feeling better. I want to share this to remind anyone that it is vital to be in touch with your mind and body; we are the ones in charge; if you notice/feel any changes, if something doesn’t feel right, if you feel unlike yourself, PLEASE let your medical professional know. You are precious. Don’t dismiss any symptoms of any kind. A tweak in meds, a new trajectory in a therapy ,etc could possibly prevent a catastrophic event, such as a substance abuse relapse, from happening. I truly love all of you MIGHTIES! We are all awesome, aren’t we🥰🤩? We deserve the best. I wish you all well!
    #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #ADDADHD #PTSD #SelfMedicating #substancemisusedisorder #PTSD

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    When alleviating boredom/loved ones need recovery program

    They say loved ones need their own recovery program when their loved one achieves sobriety. I am sooo bored at the moment. I’d like to run errands but my car is on the fritz and my #narcissistic #Emotionally /psychologicallyabusivespouse refuses to let me touch his car—because I might ding it. A valid concern if I was still actively misusing substances, but my going-on 20 years of #Sobriety make no difference to this #narcissist . This car scenario has happened countless times; how convenient for my #Emotionallyimmature #Controlling #narcissist !
    Sigh. Well, I’m a documentary freak; just found a very inexpensive documentary streaming site—I hope brain-food alleviates my boredom.🤟🏾😀 #substancemisuseisorder #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #emotionalpsychologcalabuse

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