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    Emotionally Immature/Family

    One path to healing is accepting that some people are emotionally immature. They are not capable of understanding their faults and most likely will never admit to them-and thus, never apologize. Coming to this realization partially solves the problem of healing from immature people-the other is radical acceptance. That reality is the way it is. But this takes practice.

    #Trauma #PTSD #Family

    Family does not have to do with blood but with love, support and acceptance. Families come in all shapes and sizes and I am grateful for mine. Today marks a new realization for me-a learning experience. Having what I have relieves some of the pain and I suppose that's better than nothing. There is no point in crying over immature people. #Emotionallyimmature #Acceptance

    Searching for something that will never come has totally exhausted me. Gradually working towards acceptance is a slow process. #Healing #growth

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    When alleviating boredom/loved ones need recovery program

    They say loved ones need their own recovery program when their loved one achieves sobriety. I am sooo bored at the moment. I’d like to run errands but my car is on the fritz and my #narcissistic #Emotionally /psychologicallyabusivespouse refuses to let me touch his car—because I might ding it. A valid concern if I was still actively misusing substances, but my going-on 20 years of #Sobriety make no difference to this #narcissist . This car scenario has happened countless times; how convenient for my #Emotionallyimmature #Controlling #narcissist !
    Sigh. Well, I’m a documentary freak; just found a very inexpensive documentary streaming site—I hope brain-food alleviates my boredom.🤟🏾😀 #substancemisuseisorder #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #emotionalpsychologcalabuse

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    Regrets times 10

    I have many regrets from bad choices, bad responses, bad behavior- all things I should have control over but could not or was unable to be smart. My payment today is people in my life ONLY seeing those bad choices, bad responses, and bad behavior. I’ve grown. I’ve become more self aware. But I’m judged on my past. I’m reminded that I should have self hate when all I feel is love for myself. But in that moment my heart tightens with regret and stops me in my tracks. Will I ever be forgiven by others? I forgive myself. I think. #Anxiety #regret #Emotionallyimmature #Selfhate #Forgiveness

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