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Grape juice delivery

So I've been having a really crappy week. My feet pain and leg pain have just been all over the place. Not to mention I've been cramping and bleeding. My lady bits of me do not see eye to eye never have probably never will. In the course of this week I have also developed a yeast infection yay me.

My upstairs neighbor has really good friend wanted to do something special for me and she knows that I've really weird diet and a lot of food allergies so she did what she knew would help she got me grape juice. Nothing fancy but something that she knew and really mean a lot to me and something that brought us mine in my face.

You see sometimes that's all we need in life. Nothing fancy just something simple that brings a small smile to a really crappy week. If you're feeling like you're weak could you something special comment below what that something special would be. Or if you have gotten something special for someone as my neighbor did for me comment below what that something special was. Let's bring a smile to everybody's crappy week. And remember when in doubt the bottle of grape juice.

#smile #badweek #grapejuice #ladybits #PCOS #reallife


it’s been a #badweek #heartshurting

I have had such a bad week with my anxiety it’s been so scary I honestly thought at one point I was going to let it get the better of me and I was going to do something and then it clicks I see my kids and they bring me back how much longer can I go on like this I don’t know... one day they will be grown up and not around then what??.. scary

my heart is aching from stress my head is thumping and I’m so tired

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New #Anxiety #Depression #unhappy #difficulttimes #badweek

Hi everyone. I just joined hoping to get some support from people who actually know what it’s like to have depression and anxiety. I take medication and have tried many different kinds, however i just feel like my anxiety is getting worse. If anyone has any tips or tricks to help cope or get through the difficult times please let me know! thank you! #Anxiety #Depression


Bad Week #badweek , #52SmallThings #NeedEncouragement

Feeling down and like a medical guinea pig this week. Struggling to find gratitude. Saturday: Cut thumb, Novocain doesn’t work, two stitches. Sunday: Bears lose playoffs. Monday: Two awful neck injections to try to help head and jaw symptoms; still not working. Tuesday: Eye Surgeon and I determine I need a third awake eyelid surgery to remove mysterious chelaysian stye inflammations/ bumps across half of eyelid that resisted all meds and cortisone shots, and impact vision. Weds: Stuck at back Surgeon for final post-op and must pay copay since they couldn’t get me in sooner.

All while under pressure from lawyers for cell phone messages from over a year ago (the summary of them alone is 14 pages!). Since I’ll have a swollen eye neck week after Wednesday, it has to be done by Friday. Yippee!



I've such a bad week I'm actually glad it's Monday tomorrow. I've been ill which has set off a fibrosis flare and I think the dark mornings and evenings have really effected my mood. Trying to stay positive and hoping for a better week. Just wanted to vent! #Depression #Fibro #badweek

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Attacked by narcisstic rage

Had a bad depressive episode this week. Really backslid into ugly self destructive behaviors it was triggered by a really horrible humiliating professional set back trIggered deep suicidal thoughts and low self esteem that led to binge drinking. #badweek