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Triggering Trigeminal neuralgia nerves #DistractMe

This is one of the #RareDiseases I live with every day 🦓🦄
I am a zebra.

The picture shows the path of the nerves and where it can fire off in my head face jaw teeth nose eyes throat ears anywhere really.
Trigeminal is just one name it is just one branch of one nerve. There are many more names of other nerves in the cranium. I can't say them pronounce them spell them.
I know I have another one. As I have it on BOTH sides of my face.
I have bilateral facial pain with migraines and aura too.
I just wanted to share to educate
You see me hashtag my trigeminal neuralgia and many wont have a clue what it is.
I didnt 🤣 I thought the ENT was swearing at me as I burst into tears. As he dismissed me.
So this is one of the illnesses the conditions the diseases.

I take anti seizure meds for it. Pain meds dont work. I have hundreds of triggers. Smiling is a trigger talking is a trigger.

But guess what!!!!.
I smile and I talk all the blooming time with a scarf wrapped round my face 😁😃😄😀💗❤💋🦓🦄🦓🦄🦓🦄🦓🦄🦓
Cos I am the Storm #Bekind ##RareDiseases #Love yourself #sphincterofoddidisorder #Arthritis #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #ChronicPain #Chronicpainwarrior #chronic illnesses #MightyPets #bethestorm #weebleswobble #Love yourself

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