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Hi I am julie. I am new to this group. I am so lost. I can’t eat anything except liquids without nausea and vomiting. I try glucerna that’s ok and some broth or soup but I dont eat any stuff in it. I don’t know what to do. I bloat even with water. I was on tpn but they took me off as a trial and no she won’t put me back on. Need to find a specialist. She is my crohns doc. I’m so malnourished and dehydrated. I try but can’t keep up and get scared of the pain vomiting and bloating. Now my joints are hurting and skin. Oh my. Sorry for all this. Just looking for ideas, friends who understand. ❤️julie
#Gastroparesis #Dysautonomia #bloating


Does anyone have a weak anal sphincter with resulting fecal incontinence due to lifelong constipation? I don’t know what to do.....

#constipation #IBSC #Hemmorrhoids #bloating #gas

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Does anyone here with fibromyalgia experience digestive distress ( nausea, bloating and reflux)? #Fibromyaliga #bloating #Digestiveproblems

I've been suffering with fibromyalgia since almost 5 years now. Over the past one and a half year, I've been experiencing extreme nausea and bloating. Is this common with fibromyalgia or am I facing a different issue? Also, how do you deal with severe bloating?


I’m a black hole of Never ending cycle of issues #MentalHealth #EatingDisorders #TriggerWarnings #Anxiety #Depression #UlcerativeColitis #bloating #CeliacDisease #CheckInWithMe

⚠️ * possible trigger warning * ⚠️

Today I realized that most days I usually eat one maybe two meals. I drink normal beverages throughout the day (water, soda,fruit juice, coffee, etc) I’ve never been a big alcohol drinker. People usually make comments cause I have three different drinks on my desk at once. Usually something sugary or sweet and always a water. When I get upset Or am stressed I completely loose any hint of an appetite. And I do weigh myself a few times a week... I get a weird sense of accomplishment when I see the number on the scale is less than a few days before. I was kinda chunky in college. After college I became severely gluten intolerant and cut it out . I also struggle with other digestive issues so some days it’s just easier not to eat cause I know if I don’t eat then I won’t have to deal with any digestive problems. And I’ll drink something with sugar and caffeine to keep my energy level “normal”. My weight fluctuates ALOT because my eat habits are literally all over the place. I don’t eat fried foods ... cause I can’t. But I do eat a lot of sugary things cause it gives me energy . And I know all of this doesn’t help my mental health but I enjoy not having to deal with the digestive issues and not have to worry about gaining weight..... I know that’s incredibly unhealthy to think but I just realized..... is this considered an eating disorder?