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Sorry for being gone for too long.

Been going through a crap ton of stuff lately. I was recently diagnosed with autism on my 25th birthday this year. I now live in my very own apartment for the very first time. And to top it all off I have officially finished my vocational rehabilitation program last year and have a certificate to prove it.

So glad to be back on this platform, and I will try to post more stories and thoughts on here as I go along.


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2am mind floss

"Pain is inevitable". This we know.
And yet; most of us are guilty of trying to #Runaway or #hide from it. We tend to forget that it will always #catchup to us, and it will probably always #hit us twice as harsh.
The #goodnews ? Or, maybe it's #BadNews ? Either way, eventually, in our attempts to #survive we begin to realize #wealreadyhave because whether we like it or not, every day is another day of #movingforward
But what if every day feels like you're just living the same day, #overandover ? It seems time isn't passing at all until everytime you #lookback and realize how much time is really #gone
I probably wouldn't #admitit while on a #Low but #Ithink a whole lot of being human is about #Feeling
Feeling #Sadness
Feeling #anger
Feeling #Grief
Feeling #Fear
Feeling #Love
Feeling #Joy
Just... feeling. Really, actually, truly feeling our sh*t, whether it be good or bad.

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#catchup #MyastheniaGravis #Depression

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, Mighty Friends.
January: a friend moved in temporarily, and my house flooded 8" in the basement.
February: My parents were in a car accident Feb.17. They both died. Funeral was Feb. 23.
March: My mother-in-law died March 1. My husband did NOT take it well and has struggled terribly with the grief.f
Then all of this #COVID19 stuff rolled in.  
April: My friend finally moved into her own place. My sister and I are getting the estate of our parents put together.

I've just been #overwhelmed....
Many days I just want to stay in bed but there are things I MUST address so I force myself to get up. I pretty much have not left my house in a month, which means my sister has had to do most of the "legwork" of the estate. I can make phone calls and write letters, but I don't go out if I can help it.

Advice on how to deal with the mess this year has been thus far?
Much love, Fellow Mighties....  Our struggle is real, but we have each other.