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2am mind floss

"Pain is inevitable". This we know.
And yet; most of us are guilty of trying to #Runaway or #hide from it. We tend to forget that it will always #catchup to us, and it will probably always #hit us twice as harsh.
The #goodnews ? Or, maybe it's #BadNews ? Either way, eventually, in our attempts to #survive we begin to realize #wealreadyhave because whether we like it or not, every day is another day of #movingforward
But what if every day feels like you're just living the same day, #overandover ? It seems time isn't passing at all until everytime you #lookback and realize how much time is really #gone
I probably wouldn't #admitit while on a #Low but #Ithink a whole lot of being human is about #Feeling
Feeling #Sadness
Feeling #anger
Feeling #Grief
Feeling #Fear
Feeling #Love
Feeling #Joy
Just... feeling. Really, actually, truly feeling our sh*t, whether it be good or bad.

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Dot, a story of dementia and losing everything #Dementia

I see faces
I hear names
But they Lie
They all spy

My photos of life
All under the knife
Fading away quick
All I know is a life of pain

All these threads unravelling
Each by each life rolls away
Red ball of life like my mind
A ball I cannot rewind

The old hat on the hook I know faint
The old man in the grave gone by taint
The old house out in the countryside
All my life is here and what I know

My five gracious giggling girls all grown up
I meet grandchildren but forget the next day
Their pictures in frames I just wish I know names
They dance like my mind in grass acres playing games

Can they see
They are free
They do know
My mind blank

Slowly decaying
My life slips away
I keep hold on tight
More vanish each night
Don’t know those of my own blood
My mind a scary great flood
Don’t know the town which I live
All these strangers around me

In the mirror I see emptiness
They beg me to remember my name
I know nothing of no one or life
I should be gone then cause this much strife

The wailing of a sweet grandchild in my arms
I look out to the land of beautiful farms
No time left to see a sight better than life
A life full of joy and pain faded away

Grief tears rolling down faces as speeches are spoken
A beautiful box with red petals
Whilst waltzing Matilda plays
She’s lowered down
And covered

This is a poem I wrote about my nana Dot who passed from dementia and Alzheimers 3 years ago. She was often confused and thought everybody was lying to her. At her funeral waltzing Matilda was played as it was her favourite song when she remembered. three years later this is my way of grieving finally. Enjoy #Dementia #AlzheimersDisease #Grandparents #lostgrandparents #Love #Pain #MemoryLoss #Memory #countryside #outback #gone #Death #Funeral #FamilyAndFriends #Family #confused #conspircy