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    I’m struggling with the news

    <p>I’m struggling with the news</p>
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    2am mind floss

    <p>2am mind floss</p>
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    Bad news all around

    They say if you love them, let them go. And like most things, it’s easier said than done.

    My boyfriend broke up with me today. Completely out of the blue. I had seen him yesterday and everything was going great, we had even made plans for another date. And then he sends a long message today which the TLDR of was that he wanted to break up.

    The best part was this paragraph was sent after I had just had my hearing test and was told I had hearing loss. I told him that news and an hour later he breaks up with me.

    The rest of the day has just consisted of breakdown after breakdown. Now I’m just drained of energy, both physically and emotionally.

    I was already thinking about getting therapy when I move. I think I might have to get it sooner.

    #breakup #HearingLoss #Breakdowns #breakdown #EmotionallyExhausted #exhausted #BadNews #done

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Need some #Positivity

    Got #BadNews today and I could really use some advice on coping with #Rare chronic conditions and some positivity would be very appreciated ❤️