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Neuropathy again why me??

Jeez I woke up to neuropathy burning and stiffness in my body I guess I take Tylenol on top of vitamin b and pain pill today I am guessing this is going to happen after every single chemo treatment I am not liking this part I already have joint pain anyway! Lord help me! I am going to fight it though and work on my pile of coloring for people. And listen to my music that's all that can get me through this. #ovarian cancer #chemo neuropathy


This story is near and dear to me so I thought I'd share again. IG: @medicalmiss_stress

A Trip to the Chemo Ward Taught Me About Loneliness - and Empathy " originalText=" "> #Cancer #ChronicIllness #Type1Diabetes #Fibromyalgia #MECFS #retinopathy #Music #Songwriter #Gastroparesis #Neuropathy #hashimotos


I’m scared. Family caregiver daddy diagnosed with myleoplastic syndrome ( precursor to blood cancer) 10/2017 started 4 consecutive days of chemotherapy every 4 weeks. Momma hospitalized 11/2017 died 12/2017. He was given 3 years it’s been 4. I’m tired, lonely, scared,and grieving. It’s so much more piled on to more I’m overwhelmed and can’t find a starting place. I need help with how to start without ranting, saying to much and I don’t know. My brother & his girlfriend moved in with daddy & me uninvited and without permission a year after momma died. They bullied me, took advantage of us financially, emotionally, mentally,and very much verbally. it has also affected us spiritually. Covid affected us socially and they took advantage of that. Finally physically with me. He went to jail. No contact order issued. They are gone but OMG the hoarding!! Now zero help. Gave dad Covid. He was on hospice but didn’t die 6/2021. We are broke. I can’t tell my daddy, he worked so hard. He’s 84 I will be 57 next month. I’ve needed both knees replacement surgery, bonded my son, only child out of jail to help. Humongous mistake. He’s in the wind. I cannot get any physical help with my daddy unless he goes on hospice. I have checked into every single thing no help available. We make too much money. Too much money but not enough to live on and my car broke yesterday. Post narcissistic abuse? Hell yes. ☮️✌️#Caregiving #Cancer #chemo #COVID #NarcissisticAbuse #frombrother #wornout


Are you my mother #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #chemo

I couldn’t do it. Literally, I did not have the strength to lift Kylie up. I had been struggling recently, feeling weak and having numbness on one side of my body and then on the other. I was doing a little physical therapy for that, but had just started a new job that required a lot of traveling so I kind of dropped the ball on therapy. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong so I just did what I do — I pushed on. Some might say I was burying my head in the sand or shoving the issue under the rug. Maybe I was. Maybe I was hiding from it all.