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Calling all parents of kids with special needs and disabilities!

Hi there, I've just created a group for parents of children with special needs and disabilities.

I'd love you to join!

I have two adopted children, one of whom has special needs. We're in the process of an autism assessment at the moment.

I'd love to connect with other parents and caregivers with similar and different experiences. I've made it a closed group because I think it's important that we can share and encourage each other in privacy.

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Please join... I would love to meet you and hear your story :)

Parents of children with special needs and disabilities | An Online Health Community

This group is a safe place for parents and caregivers of disabled children and children with other special needs to come together, encourage each other, and share insights, wisdom, thoughts and questions.
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What do you do when you’re anxious about your children?

My eight year old boy who is probably on the spectrum (we’re in the middle of an autism assessment at the moment) came home from school today in anguish that no one wants to play with him. The older he gets, the more apparent the differences between him & other children his age become.

So my question is this: Does anyone else out there have children they worry about? And how do you manage this anxiety?

Thank you so much for your wisdom! #anxious #MentalHealth #Parenting #SpecialNeedsParenting #childmentalhealth #Anxiety #Autism


uncertain #COVID19

diagnosed last year age 48 , have 3 kids at home all diagnosed asd too (6,9,21) Husband(non asd) volunteers as a community first responder. I am just scared , scared of how to entertain the kids , no way we can keep school routine. 9 year old has violent meltdowns as anxiety is so high #Anxiety #childmentalhealth #Meltdown