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Supporting each other!

Hey all, I’ve taken a bit of a break from my full time career to take care of myself. In this time, to help support myself I’ve started a small business that I can work on at my own pace and hours

I can’t imagine I’m alone in starting to work for myself in order to work in a way that doesn’t hurt.

So please, drop your small businesses below. Have an Instagram for the business? What’s your name? I’d love to follow ♥️ #chronicillnesssmallbusiness #Fibromyaliga #MS #ChronicMigraines #autoimmune #ChronicFatigue #chronipain #InvisibleIllness #smallbusiness


Do they believe me anymore? #chronipain #TrigeminalNeuralgiaType2 #facepain #TrigeminalNeuralgia

I feel like my family is either done with me being in pain and are irritated by it or they have stopped believing me about my pain. I’m so depressed and down because I feel so alone.


My outfit screams depression #Depression #Anxiety #Pain

“That outfit screams depression
Just like my anxiety screams at me every day. Yelling in my ears so often it fills my brain with vibrations. It creates an earthquake in my body so large it begins to erupt. No not erupt but simply collapse. Piece by piece all the way from the pain in my neck to the collapsing of my body after standing too long. So I wear sparkles that way when people ask if I’m ok I can easily say “Oh I just thought there was a sparkle in my eye” Pathetic? Maybe so. My outfit might scream depression but there’s more to it. You see, the sparkles in my what appears to be purple sweater (we’ll come back to that later) remind me of the stars and how we are all working for one goal and that’s survival. Even the stars are striving to survive. See sparkles are stars.
“Those jeans are ripped”
Well yes, I ripped them in the laundry. But see I’m proud because I actually wore these jeans. I’ve had them forever. They were bought at a time when the style was my own and I was too afraid to wear them and be who I was. So I finally wore them which is why I washed them which is how they ripped but hey I wore them. So I love them because they remind me I got up. I got out of my bed.
My bed.
My body begins to sink. Paralyzed in pain. Then sleep and I never want to leave because the sleep relieves the pain. But I can’t not get up because the pain. I’m addicted to my pain.
The pants.
Yes, the pants. I got up and washed them. So yes my outfit screams . I wear it with pride.
“Your outfit screams
This is who I am today so I’m sorry if I offend you but this is me.... fighting side by side. #Depression #Anxiety #chronipain

P. S.
The sweater is made with red and blue thread therefore appears purple. My love for science and humans