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Shoutout to the spoonies who use compression garments!

I've just started wearing 30mmHg waist-high compression, and it's CRAZY how much effort it takes to get the darn things ON! I can't help but laugh as I wrestle myself into them. "I don't always exercise, but when I do, it's the 30 minutes of trying to put on compression pants". Haha. Although in all fairness, compression has been INCREDIBLY helpful for my POTS symptoms. And if I'm not mistaken, it has also been excellent for feeling secure (gotta love that PTSD, Panic Disorder, and Depression). Overall 10 out of 10, even if it takes a whole spoon to get into them.

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Preventing Hand Pain by Writing with Compression Gloves

As a writer, I am nothing without my hands. Regardless if I am using a keyboard or writing with a pen, I need my hands to write to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, many people throughout their lives, including me, begin to feel physical pain in their hands, limiting how much time they can write comfortably.

In order to prevent these aches — either from a physical injury or pain from swollen joints — compression gloves have been proven to be a great help for me and others with hands that ache and cramp. They are an affordable, non-surgical option that can be used not only when I am writing, but for any everyday activity. Preventing these pains that make day-to-day life a challenge will help you live a happy, healthy life.

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Need your thoughts #ChronicPain ,#ChronicIllness ,#Anxiety #Depression ,#Insomnia ,#Osteoporosis ,#compression fractures

So went to a NEW pain Dr. today because I along with a couple of my main Drs. thought a pain pump for me and my circumstances was a very bad idea (which was my gut feeling all along). So found a guy with amazing ratings and yrs of experience. Y searching on my own non-stop all weekend. This new Dr. is much nicer than any I went to so far but he wants to put me on Suboxone Film (1twice a day under your tongue). I am supposed to start it Tuesday. I cannot take any of my opioid meds of Tuesday (you have to be beginning in withdrawal he said) then take first dose at home Tuesday evening. Has anyone ever taken it or know anyone that has? Also what about methadone? I came across it again looking up the other. Both for people on very high doses of meds. I am just so scared the Suboxone is not going to work as well for my pain. And since I have tolerated large doses for awhile now WHY HAS NOBODY ever mentioned going on this ever before? My thought of course is there a reason one of my Drs. That knows me well might know about if I should be ok on it? Thanks for listening and helping me everyone! Melissa Winters


#Fibromyalgia #compression

I was wondering if any of you use compression socks and gloves at night time? Also where can I find compression gloves?