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What do you wear on a painday? #Fibromyalgia #nervepain #Clothing #SkinPain

Hi everyone,
I've got #Fibromyalgia , Nervepain and Functional Neurological Disorder. Some days the nervepain on my skin is so much, that I only wear a legging and a long sleeved t-shirt or a onesie. Tha'ts not very fasionable (let alone for a guy), but hey, I don't care indoors.
Do you have tips for seemless clothing, or cloths that are gentle on the skin? Or do you know any (prefereble EU) brands that are nice?


I need an opinion on setting something up on Amazon

First i dont intend to make money off of this...but I pretty much lived in thread bare yoga pants and a few shirts on my couch.

I ended up gaining weight due to a medical condition and moved to a new climate.

I cant make it to a store to shop & i searched online for someone that had compiled non medical clothes tgat were as comfy as PJs but actually looked like you werent wearing them.

I ended up doing a bunch of shopping on Amazon, a mb d if it is worth the spoons (people are interested. I could compile everything i purchased on a (something) tgat i could post on support boards or people could pass a link around...something like Stylishly Sick and then the results of what i found worked.

I wouldnt mind it looking like a store, but i dont untend to ma kn e money like affiliates do (you have to have a blog 500 followers & i dont have the spoons for it) but if people could benefit from my list (or whatever) then I can dig deep.

So, is this something that you think the spoonie community and chronically ill could benefit from, or am i just buring spoons for no reason.

All clothes are super comfortable and non polyesther & dont need special care instructions and most are under $25

Thoughts? #Clothing #Shopping


Adaptive cute clothing

Does anyone know of any adaptive clothing sites for disability’s that still are fashionable? Oftentimes you have to pick. (I have a particularly hard time with buttons if that helps) #AdaptiveClothing #Clothing #Spoonie #Disability

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Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!! #CheckInWithMe #MorningRoutine #Clothing

Good Morning Mightys

I am on week 7 of staying safe at home. As my pic says, clothes have slightly changed as I live alone. Mainly pj's and lounging clothes.
Not a single outfit has been worn or bra or makeup.
I haven't worn any shoes only slippers or flip flops.
I haven't done my hair, it's been washed and put up in a bun or ponytail.

🧡😀😁 So this could become My new norm.

I might start a new fashion trend in my little part of the world 🌏

How about You.?????? What's your new norm !!!!!!

Love hugs kisses n more Tj
#Bekind #Stayingsafeathome #Loneliness #Fun #Love #laughter #RareDisease #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #funclothing #laughterisgoodmedicine #bekindtoyourselves #Loveyourselffirst



Do you have beautiful casual outfits to wear at home while sick in bed? #Clothing #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

Ok folks, I have barely been able to leave the house or bed now for months. I am have significant Fibromyalgia symptoms and I need a pick me up! I am feeling frumpy and blah! I would really like to feel beautiful and comfortable while I rest in bed. Most clothing hurts my skin so I stick to loose soft fabrics and my legs and feet are always cold!

I want to feel beautiful and vibrant again with my clothing! Has anyone cracked this code? What type of clothing is both beautiful and comfortable. I live in Canada and I am 40.

Thank you for any suggestions!