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    Struggle Street.

    I am entering a block of time where my depression has raised its head again. Always in such an inconvenient time. University stress is such a huge trigger point too. Get so caught up in the stress and anxiety of completing assessments, that my mental health just takes a deep dive down struggle street into Crap Town! Then i take sick days off work (my boss probably hates me now honestly) and i feel like im going to fail my classes because my mental state isnt in the right place to tune into that part of my brain to write essays and complete the important uni work.

    Truthfully, music is the only thing that quiets my fuzzy mind. #Stress #Depression #anxeity #univeristy #Music #tired

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    Hi guys! Hope you have a good day. Wishing you light and strength!

    I think she coulda moved over! #anxeity #Depression #CPTSD #EatingDisorders #TraumaticBrainInjury #MightyTogether #LGBTQIA


    × " A Rough Stressful Day At Work I'm Not Cut Out For The Restaurant Industry " × #MentalHealth #Depression #anxeity #s .A.D#Insomnia

    × " Today Was A Crazy Day... I Had A Male Customer Yell At Me Over A 20 Cent's Diffrence Over 1 Taco.... Then Another Customer A Woman... Yelled At Me Too... She Took Out All Of Her Anger Out On Me... Because Of Her Kids Driving Her Nut's... Why Can't People Be Prepared When They Order... Then I Had Another Customer Hold Up The Line For 15 Mins.. Because They Couldn't Decide On What To Eat... We Have An App Use It.. I Almost Had A Breakdown At Work... I Truly Hate Dealing With People... " × #StressedOutDay ☆ S.K. ☆

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    Must keep believing this. #ChronicPain #Depression #anxeity

    Hope you all get through today with hope in your heart . Hope that this is just a phase …. And things will get better 💙

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    Encouragement Rocks

    I keep rocks with me places I go, and leave them for whomever may need them.

    This one though, I keep for myself in my car. ..

    Right now I am posting because I cannot sleep . Again. .. :( #imtired
    #Insomniac #anxeity #Borderline Bipolar depression


    Guilt I shouldn't have #SocialSecurity #anxeity #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveandRelatedDisorders

    I don't know why I feel so guilty, my mind is trying to trick me probably. I got approved for SSI and all I can think is at my age I should have a job, is it really that bad, I feel fine..right now. Ugh, I found out I have ocd last week and I have quite a few others. I hate how my mind works, I'm so greatful I'm going to get it though. I'm dependant on my adult children.


    My Return to #TheMighty

    For a couple months, I felt like I was doing really good. Mentally.
    But now, I have noticed myself slipping into the same routine as I used to be in. Doing the same shit everyday. Not doing anything with my days. Watching movies to get out of my own life. Bascially just waiting for the day to be over. Then going to sleep. And doing it all over again the next day. It’s tiring.
    I want to speak to friends during this time, but they are all busy with their own lives.. / work, school, partners etc therefore I don’t want to feel like I am being an interruption to their day or life during that time.
    Being depressed, and having high levels of anxiety is very lonely, and for me it’s full of guilt because I am not working.. therefore I feel guilty for being/ looking like a bum and doing nothing with my life.
    (Even tho I am returning to uni in March)
    It’s just really hard to be alone during attacks and moments, when you are alone most of the time.
    #Depression #anxeity #lonely #Guilt #MentalHealth


    The part of doing laundry that I really do not mind

    My absolute favourite part of doing the laundry is getting the clothes out of the dryer and putting them away. They are just sooooo waaaarrrm and soooooft. It really calms me down if I am feeling anxious.


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    Hypersexuality #SexualAbuseSurvivors #Depression #anxeity

    I was reading an article about why I have an addiction to sex. It’s called Hypersexualty the article I found me in it, almost every symptom was exactly what I have been going through my whole life and is happening to me now. Since Way back as far as I can remember I was physically abused and at age 8 started the sexual abuse until age 12. Since then I have had a need to get a release, through masterbiation or sex with someone.If you have shame about it as I do and have not told anyone I encourage everyone who has an addiction to sex please read the article or look up the disorder and see if you relate to the findings, then if you have a doctor or therapist talk to them about it and it can be treated. Sorry if this offends anyone or if you already know. I just found the answers I have been searching for. Maybe it will help you too.


    Ignoring my life. #MentalHealth

    I can literally feel in my brain that I am ignoring my life. I feel like I am in a weird movie or something and I’m watching the world pass and move around but I’m stuck and I’m stagnant, both not knowing how to move BUT! Also not wanting to move because I’m comfortable there. I have to move out of my house soon, and find a job, and bascially return to reality. I haven’t worked in nearly a year and I have been a super home body for nearly a year. So I’m terrified. I have tried explaining this to my therapist, but she just gives me advice on how to get back out there. But what I feel like I need is a cuddle from someone who actually knows how this feels to just watch the world spin around you, and be so content of ignoring it that you end up just ignoring life. #MentalHealth #Life #anxeity #Homebody