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Couples exercise #Gratitude #CouplesTherapy

Every day, my partner and I take a few moments after work, to deeply relax and connect with our precious moment: NOW.

So we "play a game" where we have to say at least 1 thing we are proud of and 1 thing we are grateful for that day. And MAGIC happens... we can really notice our mood changes, we are more at ease after a long day, and we start to interact from love and compassion.

 To me, that moment of the day is precious, and also something I am grateful for and proud of :)

Dare you to practice!


Loving someone with bipolar

Ive experienced bipolar, my family deals with it all over, my brother dealt with it more than anyone; depressive bipolar but never knew other levels of bipolar before until the day my boyfriend had whats called episodes.
I Didnt understand exactly what was going on, i just knew that as long as i was there for him he would be in health recovery. It was an extreme process, highs and lows, to just feeling like someone who he just had met; then there would be bits and pieces of himself the way i knew him, who i knew him as but again i had to prove to him that love was more powerful for the mind. Ive been through plenty enough to be able to go into survival mode in every scenerio that comes in my direction but this was quite a different thing to face while keeping my sanity and my thoughts unharmed.
Loving someone with bipolar and being able to ground him and uphold myself and what i personally deal with was probably the most difficult task ive had to take on but because we plan a future together, i made sure he knew i would love every side of him. I stayed right by his side fighting hos battle too!

If you ever care about someone enough to help them win, well winning is winning and strength becomes more powerful

#CouplesTherapy#Support#Relationships#Bipolar #Team#LoveandCompassion#strength


How soon is too soon to ask your partner to go to couples therapy? Ive been in a romantic relationship with a guy for almost exactly a year.

Ive known this guy since high school, we were never great friends, more like we shared some of the same friends. Years later we met up through mutual friends and started very casually just hanging out once in a while. Last March was our first kiss/hookup. It was like instant love and has been, but there are some major issues we both need to work on if this has ANY chance of lasting. Im old enough to know love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Sould we go ahead and break up if its only been a year and we need therapy? #CouplesTherapy #Relationshipproblems #Relationshipadvice


Has anyone done couples counseling?

Just trying it for the first time. I think it will help my boyfriend understand more about my bipolar 2. #CouplesTherapy