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#Team No Sleep

New to the group. Never knew so many other people were just like me. Due to mental illness and chronic pain I hardly ever sleep at night unless I’m on all my meds which takes all my spunk away. So here I am in pain but still goofy as ever and happy at the moment... hope all is in great spirits this morning!!!


Loving someone with bipolar

Ive experienced bipolar, my family deals with it all over, my brother dealt with it more than anyone; depressive bipolar but never knew other levels of bipolar before until the day my boyfriend had whats called episodes.
I Didnt understand exactly what was going on, i just knew that as long as i was there for him he would be in health recovery. It was an extreme process, highs and lows, to just feeling like someone who he just had met; then there would be bits and pieces of himself the way i knew him, who i knew him as but again i had to prove to him that love was more powerful for the mind. Ive been through plenty enough to be able to go into survival mode in every scenerio that comes in my direction but this was quite a different thing to face while keeping my sanity and my thoughts unharmed.
Loving someone with bipolar and being able to ground him and uphold myself and what i personally deal with was probably the most difficult task ive had to take on but because we plan a future together, i made sure he knew i would love every side of him. I stayed right by his side fighting hos battle too!

If you ever care about someone enough to help them win, well winning is winning and strength becomes more powerful

#CouplesTherapy#Support#Relationships#Bipolar #Team#LoveandCompassion#strength


Even though Fnaf isnt a thing anymore who still likes it?

So.... I still like Fnaf (Five Nights At Freddy’s) even though that isnt a “2020” thing, but oh well right? So, if ya like it comment your favorites (character’s, songs, theories, lores, etc. #fnaffreak #TeamBonnie

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Good morning!#morning #BPD #Anxiety #Depression

I was really looking forward to this morning, got a few things on YouTube I've saved all week to watch, coffee, heating on, partner still in bed so some alone time and my cat:) well it's completely gone to shit the weather's crap I've hardly slept and when I did sleep I had terrible nightmares! I could feel myself slumping! so I decided to pick up the phone to my mum and just have a normal conversation, now I'm okay and gonna try keep this morning up. Just wanted to say good morning and I'm so proud of you for surviving another day. we can do this. we are strong. we are powerful. if anyone is feeling crap today leave a comment and lets try give some positive words. #positive #imhere #Team #somedaysarebetterthanothers #notalone #keepitup #keepgoing

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How May I Help You?

What am I doing to help another when chaos seems to be overwhelming a family member, a neighbor, and even a friend from IG whom I’ve never personally met?
How may I show love to them right where they are, as they are? So many want to talk negatively or judge another without uttering a single word to them personally.
An example of this is, in November 2017, our leaves on one side of our yard were in desperate need of mulching. Without personally reaching out to us and asking how our family was, we received an email from our Home Owners Association giving us a warning that we had until the end of the week to remove them. Little did they know, I had just lost my momma and miscarried within a day of one another and the leaves in our yard was the last thing on my mind!
With that being said, our first instinct may not be to ask how may we help. However, if we see the kindness of another, it may inspire us to do the same! So, when given another opportunity, we can chose to ask “how may I help you?” Then, as more opportunities arise and are acted upon, being kind and helpful can become instinctive!
Here are a few ways to show love instead of judging: “Motherhood can be crazy. May I bring you and your family dinner?” ; “I am doing yard work and am already dirty, may I help mow or pull weeds for you?” What if we became apart of encouragement, breathed love and life into someone instead of adding stress and heartache to another? Can you say #WorldChangers ?!? 🙌🏼
The way I see it, we are all really on the same team. Some team members may look different. Some team members may act different. However, we are a team. Oh, what a difference we can all be, with kindness, compassion, and love, especially during the most chaotic times in another’s life! .
#BeTheChange #empoweringwomen #helpingothers #PositiveVibes #Momlife #Momblogger #MoreAlikeThanDifferent #Team #neighborhood #Kindness #LoveOneAnother #Love #blessings #help #communicate #nojudgement #Hope #IGotYou #LoveThyNeighbor @themightysite