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What does it mean if my boyfriend didn't text me after a fight?

I had a fight with him on the phone.
He said something. I told him that it hurt me. And he laughed.

I got really hurt coz he laughed at that. Coz it really wasn't a joke for me. When he kept laughing, I cut off the phone saying I'm hanging up.

He didn't even text me or call me back after that.

What does that mean?
Does he not care at all?

And when I texted him, he said he was mad coz I hung up the phone.

Was it wrong of me to hung up the phone?
How would you feel if someone just laughed at you when you tell them something that hurt you a lot?

#Relationships #Advice #Relationshipadvice

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Should I be more willing to allow my boyfriend to touch me sexually?

Often times when my boyfriend is in the mood I am not. I hate saying no, but I don't feel that I should be guilty about it. In the moment of he will say it's okay but aometimes later on he starts saying you never want to have sex with me...etc. This morning he just touched me down there without saying anything and I yelled no! Is it normal to not want this kind of contact from your partner? #SexAndRelationships #Relationshipadvice


Should I stay with him or leave? Lowered boundaries with females

i have been with my partner for 3 and a half years. during this time we have lived together for all of it. 95% im so happy with him and feel loved and support and cared for, but the other 5% is ugly when I need support the most. The underlying issue is that we don't see eye to eye as to what's appropiate behaviour with the opposite sex. All our fights have been on this and we recently had a big one in which made me really upset and feel I need to reevaluate our relationship.
As an example of things he has done to hurt me include flirting with girls such as: (p.s these all happened once and at different times) taking pictures/adding girls on insta/getting their number (as a joke), talking to his ex (even called her). this has happened over the stretch of our relationship and when I got upset from these events he would blame me that im jealous and oversensitive and what he does is completely normal, then he gets his friends to back him up and agree. recently i found out he had been messaging a work colleague and borderline flirting which he didn't tell me. what would you guys you if you were me? do you think I should leave him or give him another shot? #Relationships #Relationshipadvice #relationshiphelp #needadvice #Love #breakup #help #Advice #loveblind #relationshiptroubles #Relationshipissues


How soon is too soon to ask your partner to go to couples therapy? Ive been in a romantic relationship with a guy for almost exactly a year.

Ive known this guy since high school, we were never great friends, more like we shared some of the same friends. Years later we met up through mutual friends and started very casually just hanging out once in a while. Last March was our first kiss/hookup. It was like instant love and has been, but there are some major issues we both need to work on if this has ANY chance of lasting. Im old enough to know love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Sould we go ahead and break up if its only been a year and we need therapy? #CouplesTherapy #Relationshipproblems #Relationshipadvice


be a better, less chaotic partner

Hi all, I have struggled with what I know to be BPD for most of my life, it’s only recently I’ve discovered what it is and begun to make steps to get the correct help and treatment. I’m on my second long term relationship and I can see my BPD flare ups and symptoms causing strain on my partner, who already has a lot to take on with their own mental health. I love my boyfriend more than anything and anyone in the world, he supports me, makes me happy, and I feel like he is my home. I would be devastated if my BPD were to damage our relationship, and in a rage flare up I do say things like “we are over” and the like, but of course when I’m thinking back with my rational mind I don’t mean or want to do these things. My fear of abandonment and rejection issues cause a lot of insecurities that can be a lot for both of us to have to deal with, and a lot of our arguments start with me feeling like my feelings are invalid, ridiculous or belittled. I was just wondering if anyone at all could give me some advice to be a better partner, maybe some advice for my partner, just advice and help in general? it would really mean the world. I want to marry this boy and I want to make him the happiest person in the world.

#Advice #Relationshipadvice

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what is it like to love with borderline?

hi, I’m needing some intense help. to up my chances of a reply I’m gonna keep it short, if you need clarification ask in the comments and I’ll do so ☺️
I’ve been in a relationship with my best friend for over a year now. I love him so much but sometimes I feel like it’s a troubled love, maybe built on the wrong foundation & I feel I’m too messed up for a relationship. sometimes I feel like I don’t love him, because he has never ending patience,love & admiration for me. the man is never mad at me. which is incredibly hard to believe cuz I’m hot headed as shit & try to hold my tongue but have a hard time. I feel like we love differently & that then makes me feel like I don’t truly love him. but when I think of my life without him I don’t want to. he’s my safe space, he knows everything about me & is so comforting to me, even though I have my limits. thinking of breaking up with him breaks my heart. but I can’t tell if some things are my bpd or of others are cuz I don’t love him. I have little to no patience, but it isn’t only with him, it’s with everything in my life. I pick little fights, not meaning to just lots of small things hurt me & I’ll let myself feel that hurt, I’ll tell him what set it off (which is usually something he’s said/done because he’s the only person I’m really with & well, an inanimate object isn’t gonna set me off) then he blames himself. i feel like I don’t have the same respect for him, I know i dont. i get annoyed with small stuff & he doesnt. I know I need more self control so he doesn’t feel bad for stuff that isn’t his fault, but then I question. do I have no patience/control because of my illness or because I don’t love him? I work 8:30-6 every day & I’m tired constantly, so I blame it on my job too, which could be the reason but I could also be making it up. I don’t know what to believe. all I know is that I’m worried I don’t truly love him & it scares me because I do, he’s my rock. he comforts me. he loves me, he provides & I’m going to have a beautiful life with him. but I can’t help but feel that I don’t love him as much as he loves me & thats a problem. anyways, what are your guys’s thoughts? Idk what to believe. I hope it’s just my illness & that we love differently, but I honestly have no idea... it would be awful to look him in the face & say “I don’t love you..” after everything he does for me. & without complaint but with a heart full of love. am I just a shitty person or is my illness holding me back? I keep comparing it to my grade 11 relationship (I’m 20 now) and how being away from him physically hurt me. but now with my bf, I miss him when he’s gone but I also enjoy the personal time. I get excited to see him! but my heart doesn’t feel like it’s going to race out of my chest. which, it should, right? If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated. #Borderline #borderlinepersonality #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #help #Advice #relationship #Love #Relationshipadvice #Anxiety


Struggling with BPD

this is my first post on here and i’m very nervous, my mother suggested this app to me so i wouldn’t feel so alone.
i’ve been in a relationship for a little over a year and the past month or so, we’ve been going through it. i can’t stand to be alone and i always need reassurance from him. i don’t know how to feel okay on my own, every time he is off taking care of his responsibilities i just feel like he’s pulling away from me and i feel like i’m losing my whole world. i can’t help but make scenarios up in my head and feel like he’s lying to me.
does anyone else feel like being in a relationship with BPD is difficult 😔 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Sadness #Relationshipadvice


Should I go back? #Depression #Relationshipadvice

I’ve been seeing a married man for years . Few months ago I’ve decided to leave him, couldn’t live covered in lies anymore, hating my addiction to this relationship, hating myself. I m going through a crazy inner battle every day , my heart can’t let him go, while my brain says opposite. Should I go back to him? I miss him so much .
He had a baby last month. Does it make me an awful person that despite it I still want to go back?
I do understand that there’s no future for us, but why I keep looking back, I can’t explain it to myself.
I m sinking into a depression, this time - too badly.

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Is there anyone out there with BPD in a long distance relationship?? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdsymptoms #Relationshipadvice

If so, how?!??? I miss him so much and every day it tears me apart and it never gets easier. I just need to see him but I can’t. How do I do this??