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Good Morning I think #Giggles #CheckInWithMe

As you get older

Three things happen

The first is your Memory



I can't remember

The other two
Sir Normon Wisdom

Good Morning Mighty Family n Friends. How are you all!!!!!

It's a bright sunny Morning here in my part of the Globe.🌏

Sorry I've missed a day or so. I slightly over did it in the gardening department and boy have I paid for it. All I did was feel good for a day and got my strimmer/weed whacker out.
Ouchie ouch. But the sun was out and I cleared my 2 foot grass patch of weeds πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜€
I even caught the sun on my arms. That's unheard of for me.

Oh well that'll teach me won't it. Ha ha.

But I've sat out in my patch of grass in the Sun with visitors and drunk a good cup of British Tea. All at a distance, it's been very nice, and quiet, relaxing and social all at the same time.
Oh till the British weather kicks in and it pours down. β›ˆπŸŒ§πŸ˜…πŸ˜„
Sun hot means thunderstorm ⚑

So what have you been up to then, anything interesting and fun or like me overdoing it.

Love n hugs as always Tj πŸ€—β€πŸ’œπŸ˜€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ˜³πŸ‘‹πŸ€—πŸΆπŸ•πŸΎπŸ§‘πŸ€ž #TrigeminalNeuralgia #PsoriaticArthritis #InflammatoryArthritis #Hope #Bekind #Bekindtoyourself #RareDisease #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #ClusterHeadaches #Anxiety #Disability #LoveandCompassion


Loving someone with bipolar

Ive experienced bipolar, my family deals with it all over, my brother dealt with it more than anyone; depressive bipolar but never knew other levels of bipolar before until the day my boyfriend had whats called episodes.
I Didnt understand exactly what was going on, i just knew that as long as i was there for him he would be in health recovery. It was an extreme process, highs and lows, to just feeling like someone who he just had met; then there would be bits and pieces of himself the way i knew him, who i knew him as but again i had to prove to him that love was more powerful for the mind. Ive been through plenty enough to be able to go into survival mode in every scenerio that comes in my direction but this was quite a different thing to face while keeping my sanity and my thoughts unharmed.
Loving someone with bipolar and being able to ground him and uphold myself and what i personally deal with was probably the most difficult task ive had to take on but because we plan a future together, i made sure he knew i would love every side of him. I stayed right by his side fighting hos battle too!

If you ever care about someone enough to help them win, well winning is winning and strength becomes more powerful

#CouplesTherapy#Support#Relationships#Bipolar #Team#LoveandCompassion#strength

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https://V.E Day 75th Anniversary #good morning #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Mightys

Today is a National holiday in the UK
Because it is https://V.E day the 75th Anniversary.
We may still be in lockdown but we can still celebrate the occasion.
Victory in Europe

Remember they spent over 4 years in a strange lockdown.
After the first World War there was Spanish flu. That sent the world into lockdown just like we are doing now.

Each time we came out and Triumph the Evil.
Just like we will this time.
Have heart
Never give in
We will win
We will beat it this time round Too.

Love n hugs Tj
#Commpassion #Love #Hugs #checkonyourneighbours #VE75thAnniversary #HangOnInThere #MightyTogether #NeverAlone #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #LoveandCompassion #Bekind #loveyourself #ActsOfKindness #HaveHeart #Stayinghome #staysafe

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Different Boat Same Storm #Bekind #dontjudge #NeverAlone

We Are Not All In The Same Boat
But We Are In The Same Storm
Support Each Other

How can we support each other
By commenting on posts
Even if you dont know what to say. Say something anything leave a ❀or a 😁or a 😘or πŸ¦‹let the person know they arent alone
Give that person something to say you are there for them.
Even if you are really struggling yourself.

We Are all here for each other And it is Incredible difficult for each and every one of us right now. .
But please let's pull together
Let's show each other some love
Just like we want for ourselves

#MightyTogether #NeverAlone #compassion #Love #Support #Hugs #AlwaysSomeoneHereForMe #alwayshereforyou #stayingstrong #InthesameStorm #LoveandCompassion