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× " How To Re-Learn How To Date... And Also Disclose Your Physical & Mental Health Condition's " × #Thought 's #curiosity

× " Please Note : That This Post Is About Trying To Start A New Chapter... A New Beginning... So Please Don't Leave Comment's About.. How I Should Just Love Myself Frist.. I Have Been Doing It.. The Best Way's That I Can... Now What's The Best Way To Tell Someone About Physical And Mental Disabilities... My #CP Is Noticable Because I Have A Limp... I Think That I Would Probably Wait Until They Ask... But Who Know's People These Day's Are Super Dismissive And Picky.. " × #Thought 's #curiosity ☆ S.K. ☆


Does anyone else here ever see a great post here, realize the post is many years old and there are no other posts from that person?

Did they not find enough benefit from the Mighty? Is it something better than that? Is it worse?#Depression #curiosity #StayStrong #helpothers #itisnotover

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A Quote for Friday

"Do not mistake composure for ease." Lieutenant Tuvok, Star Trek Voyager -

I recently had someone tell me I was 7-10 years younger than I really am and ask how I could talk about any of this stuff when I didn't look like I'd experienced pain a day in my life.

It was quite a paradigm shift for me. You see, I've been immersed in the invisible illness, chronic illness, acute pain, and chronic pain space since I was 14 years old.  

I know what I've been through and my people know too.  

My mom had health challenges that weren't visible from the outside, so I grew up with the idea that there is ALWAYS more to a person than what is easily seen.  

I look at people and wonder what struggles are beneath the surface: What are they feeling right now? Are they hurting today? Have they lost someone? Are they stuck, discouraged, fried, overwhelmed, missing something, fatigued, frustrated, grieving etc...  

Like any good dancer from my hometown, I know how to smile through the pain, I know how to function at competitive levels when I'm struggling and I know how to smile when I'm unwell.  

Being trained to have carriage and composure doesn't mean I don't struggle. When someone I pass on the street is smiling it doesn't mean they might not be hurting.  

Through years of overcoming hardship, I've learned to connect with my struggles, give them names and labels, acknowledge them, but not let them run my life.  

I've learned to live mindful of my pains, but not driven by them. The quote I opened with spoke to me because when chronic challenges of any kind are walking partners through life, it can be easy to "mistake composure for ease" in myself and others.  

If you're happy, I celebrate with you! If you're sad, I see you. Continuing to press forward regardless of what others think and can see is admirable.

I encourage you to lead your interactions with yourself and others with compassion and curiosity. If I assume I know, I close myself off to what I might learn. Curiosity drives my anti-inflammatory lifestyle because being open to what I don't know is exactly what might change my situation.

Your real health navigator,

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #curiosity  

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Tomorrow is a fresh start! #thepastisinthepast #focusonthenow #bepresent #OnedayAtaTime

I love Anne of Green Gables and I love this quote as it reminds me that even if today wasn’t as great as expected or if it was a bad day that there is hope for a better day tomorrow...tomorrow will be kinder and more hopeful and brighter! There is always hope and we have to be brave enough to find the light and hold on to the light during these chaotic dark times. Choosing to find the joy and practice gratitude and noticing and appreciating the little things! I love Anne Shirley’s optimism, curiousity and imagination! Stay Curious and Hopeful! And I hope tomorrow is kinder to you! #AnneofGreenGables #Quotes #bookquotes #Hope #curiosity #becurious #tomorrowwillbekinder #afreshstart #hopeistheonlythingstrongerthanfear


Quiet & Shy

I hang out with a group of people from time to time that view me as being shy and quiet. I never believe them. I knew I was an outgoing person and I can strike a conversation with someone when I notice we have stuff in common, but with this group we just have different interests, so their conversations don't really interest me, which in turn, awakens my silence. I wonder who made up the rule that being quiet in a group of people meant that you were a shy person? I wonder how many people that were dubbed as shy, are not and are just told they are by those around them. I wonder if I have ever called someone shy just because I didn't understand their silence. This will now be something I will be mulling over the next week 😂😊 #MentalHealth #Thoughtsofastrokesurvivor #Friends #curiosity


#curiosity #sadlife

Demons come in many forms, be it through the dark whispers in the night or the looming heaviness in the air in broad daylight. In other cases, it could be the voice of a lost loved one coaxing you. I've always been one to brush alongside the "dangers" in life. When you're so use to being abandoned, scorned, shunned and put "out of sight, out of mind", finding that Haven is hard. My Haven used to be in books, carried away on elaborate journeys, character defining moments and in a lot of cases, battles of wits and visualising the entireties until that too was breached and destroyed.

As time passes on, the languid touch of "just let go" became more and more appealing. It seemed like nothing was working, there wasn't anyone I trusted enough and due to being sent away to boarding school, making connections was more or less non-existent. Until I was 15, that concept hadn't changed in fact, things just got a whole lot worse. My biological mother wanted nothing to do with me, because I "stole" her "youth" and was adamant that I wanted to "rob' her of 'the love of her life". My older brother was removed from my life at an early age because our biological father used him as a punching bag.

How is it possible to put your faith, unconditional trust and loyalty in people when the ones who we're meant to protect you from harm are the very instigators that create more and more damaging and life-changing habits. Physical abuse fades after time... but emotional, mental and psychological abuse? It's a never ending nightmare


Curiosity Leads to Empathy #52SmallThings

In our curiosity we learn about one another. We show authentic interest in the lives of our friends and families and strangers we pass by on the street. Our curiosity is our superpower enabling us to see how others live challenge our own pre-conceived notions humble our egos. Curiosity leads to empathy. #MentalHealth #curiosity #52SmallThings

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Connect with your childlike wonder - healing through words

Before trauma happens, we children greet the world fearlessly. Here is my adult realization, that hardness of life prevents us from seeing the world through our lense of curiosity. I hope to be of benefit through sharing my journey.

#Depression #healingthroughwriting #Healing #personalitydisorder #Innercritic #creativity #curiosity #Trauma #BipolarDisorder