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    I'm so sick of the invalidation I receive almost on a daily basis. Just because my disability isn't one of the "acceptable" disabilities. Why do I always have to prove myself? Why am I always being questioned? I want to be able to tell people about what I have and get the services I need without jumping through the hoops I genuinely can't jump through. I don't want to be dismissed anymore. I want to be seen and heard. Just like I deserve
    #MentalHealth #Disability #tired #CP #Depression #Anxiety #validation #seenandheard


    How do you change your mindset?

    In therapy today, I started working on healing from invalidation. She told me to work on validating myself but that's a bit difficult. I do not think it's possible to change a mindset over night. Does anyone have any tips on how to change how you see and speak to yourself? #validation #Selfcare #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AbuseSurvivors #Selflove


    How dare you validate me?!

    That’s how I feel as my therapist explains how there’s still a version of five year old me inside myself that’s hurt and scared by my fathers angry verbal outbursts. “But I was never hit” “he said worse to my older brothers” “it happened a long time ago it’s not important” all these thoughts and more swirl in my head as she talks. I was the baby girl, the favorite. My older brothers and even my father consistently reminding me how much easier my childhood was compared to theirs. So what right do I have to struggle? Nothing was ever that bad.
    My therapist wants me to try taking the mountian of a baby step to accept that my experiences are valid and they were hurtful. But, I can’t? I panick when I think about it and the internal script of invalidating comments just gets louder and louder.

    #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD #validation #invalidation #Therapy #DBT #parentalverbalabuse

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    Body Image and Restricted Eating Issues

    Hi everyone - I am wondering if any of you lovelies would be willing to share any and all advice/thoughts you have on this. I struggle with body-image issues and restricted eating. I don't think I technically HAVE anorexia , but it’s like, what does it matter if I’m struggling with those type of issues, right?

    I have a hard time just letting go of controlling those thoughts that my body is not right, and the idea of restricting my eating makes me feel powerful and in control. It’s addictive- I feel like I can be doing fine but when I think about it my temptation to restrict my eating comes back in full force and I feel powerless.

    I feel so alone and I would like to hear some good things about recovering and just affirmation that I should WANT to recover, even. I’ll be restarting therapy soon if that helps you get an idea of where I’m coming from. #help #CheckInWithMe #validation


    Talking about my pain #validation

    #Fibromyalgia I don't complain of pain often, otherwise I would be complaining all the time. When I do complain of pain, it's really bad. I've noticed when I mention that something hurts, whoever I am talking to usually responds with telling me about their aches and pains. I know it's not a competition, but my constant, all over pain is not the same as their headache or whatever. Sometimes I just want the person to say "I am sorry you're in pain; is there anything I can do to help?" It would be especially nice to hear this from my loved ones. When they don't acknowledge my experience, I feel like they don't believe me, that they're just brushing me off. I don't feel validated. I need the people I love to make space for my truth.


    Feeling excluded, left out, lonely... & it triggers me on many levels

    So I had a falling out with some former friends months ago. I was in a damned if I do damned if I don’t kinda situation. I compromised myself to be accepted by these girls. And it drove me to some of the lowest depths of my depression and anxiety. I have always had suicide ideation when I hit my lows, but it’s not consistent.... that is until these two girls came along. After our fall out the suicide ideation became constant almost. It took me until this past week to realize that I was better off. That I needed to be happy that they’re not in my life because who needs friends like that. But we have mutual friends that are close with them and I cannot for the life of me understand why. These girls I had the falling out with are mean, nasty, dramatic, narcissistic, and take part in gaslighting and victim shaming. They’ve not just done that to me but also to one of our mutual friends. One of the same mutual friends that swore one of these girls off says she “plays nice for others” but goes out to dinner, invites her over... and the mutual friends husband who swore off the same girl is playing along. And it messes with me. It makes me question my “moving on.” And it makes me feel excluded, left out, and lonely. Adding onto it that I tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday so I’m gonna be isolated for a couple weeks and I’m only in day 1. And maybe none of these “friends” I need in my life. Maybe they’re all just full of shit. Maybe they’re all playing games with each other and none of em can be trusted. It’s all a trigger for me with my trust issues, with my paranoia, with my abandonment issues, with my validation issues, with my depression, with my codependency issues, and with my anxiety on so many levels. I guess it triggers even more because I don’t have many friends. And it’s hard to make friends right now in our isolated COVID-19 world (with or without positive test results). I’ve wanted to always have a sense of belonging because I don’t have that with my family, nor do I have much of a family to have that with. Which adds to my issues mentioned previously. It sucks. I’m trying to end this train of thinking this year. It’s my biggest thing I’m working on and like any habit it’s hard to break. I’m trying to work through the feelings by posting on here, journaling, reading my Codependency books.... Idk how to end this exactly... I’m just struggling and triggered. #triggered #codependentpersonality #codependancy #Codependency #codependent #codependant #DepressionAndMentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #sad #Loneliness #lonely #abandonmentissues #FearOfAbandonment #abandonment #validation #validationissues #ParanoidThoughts #Paranoia

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    Can’t hurt a try #validation #Selfworth

    I thought this may help someone, I thought it was useful for my anxiety and actions



    It took me years to figure out who I am
    But when I found the labels that clicked with me I was overcome with joy.
    I personally like labels
    They make it easy for others to know who I am (non-binary, queer, mentally ill with #Depression #Anxiety and #Autistic )
    They also give me a sense of #validation because with a label I know that I am real, and am able to find others like me
    I can even get help and support for having labels.

    For some people
    They don't like labels, they feel too restrictive and confusing
    And that's fine
    Because in a world that preachess #individuality #creativness #Selflove and most importantly #equality
    Who are we to tell someone what to do?!???

    What's your opinion do you like to use labels or not?



    Trouble Validating Myself #narcissiticmother #Narcissiticabuse

    Have only been separated from my narcissistic mother for a few months.
    I had suppressed myself, my needs and my emotions as a person from as early as I can remember, which must be 6 years old.

    I thought I was fine at first.
    No one was treating me the way *she* did.

    And yet, I still find it very difficult to
    1. Understand my Feelings & Needs
    2. Validate my Feelings & Needs
    3. Nurture/Listen to my Feelings & Needs
    4. Trust my Feelings.

    I’m having a hard time setting boundaries and saying no to people. I don’t know how to accept my feelings and ask for things that I want (which according to my closest people, are perfectly normal things) #feelings #validation #Validity #valid #FeelingVunerable #feelingconfused #EmotionalAbuse



    When you spend the majority of your time with people who are in good mental health, you can start to feel alone in the way you think and the struggles you have. I take it further and mentally invalidate myself - if I am experiencing life in a profoundly different way from the people around me, then I must be wrong. My experience is wrong or isn't real (hello, echoes of narcissistic abuse).

    One of the best things about joining this Mighty community over the past few months has been a sense of reconnecting with myself through validation of how I experience the world. Every time I read one of your posts and think "yeah, me too" it colours in another part of the picture of my life that I have been willingly washing away.

    Thank you. ❤️

    #ThankYou #MentalHealth #validation #StrongerTogether