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Why am I'm a magnet for men who want to debase or scam me financially.

I'm on my 3rd divorce we've been apart for 13+ yrs. married 24. He purchased this foreclosure home said I could fix it up and live in it. Use his benefits when he passed, he lives with his gf for 13 yrs. This past Nov. I was blindsided by divorce pprs claiming I owe him all this money, he claims he's in debt he's taken out multiple loans & credit cards he took out most of the equity in the house I'm fixing up. In our state I'm responsible for half his debts. I'm on a low fixed income .
Also I have been following the Ukraine war. Sending messages of hope praying for them. Then I get these guys pretending they are soldiers sending pics trying to romance me then asking for money. I know about scamming I don't fall for it. I feel like I have this big bulls eye target on my back. Why does me caring cause all the nasty people to show up?
#ADHD #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #Cronic Fatigue# #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia #Raynard syndrome #Peripheral neuropathy #Gout #Shingles

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Could everybody please who reads this post say a prayer or send some good thoughts towards my daughter Jennifer. She has cerebral palsy there's nothing wrong with her brain she's in a nursing home and has been for at least 6 to 8 years. She's undergone a lot of grueling things. She was rushed into the hospital tonight again she has a severe kidney infection bladder infection and other infections and an extremely large kidney stone she needs a stent put in her kidney and there's some other issues going on. I'm really beginning to worry a lot. If it wasn't for her she wouldn't be in the hospital because they ignore people in nursing homes even when I'm calling and yelling. So if you would send a good thought to the universe for her I would appreciate it.
# Kidney disease
# osteopenia
# osteoarthritis
#Raynard syndrome
# neuropathy
#Too tired to think

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When the Other Shoe Drops Use the Damn It Doll.

So today I get another phone call from my grandson's Aide. When that call comes in, and I miss it, and the voice mail is only 6 seconds long my heart drops. I'm his Guardian so something has happened. The last time it was horrific, that was in December. He just celebrated his
24 th Birthday last month, his mother and I got him a upscale new TV. So today he is with other clients and staff in a van. One of the staff needed to use the facilities. As she's getting out of the van he bolts past her and into a small supermarket. He then proceeds to destroy about 1/3 of the store, and slaps a customer across the face. By this time the owner has ushered all customers out of the store closing the store. The extra staff from where he lives and the police arrive. (Now we have ppl outside trying to take pics of him) Police intervene thank God. They were in a different part of town it was not the same police that usually go to the house when he takes off or causes issues. And kudos to these three police officers who were more than kind and extended verbal and physical help in getting my grandson back into the van. My grandson was not ready to go and he was still in the state of raging psychosis. In the midst of getting him to settled down his aide she got kicked in the head so I'm praying she's all right. I am sick about this this is starting to ramp up he is on several medications including haldol. And then I have to call his mother who is in a nursing home and tell her what happened. I just feel like every ounce of energy has been sucked out of me. I'm so damn sick, myself I can barely move due to back probs. I'm so angry because there is no way to have proper consequences for this behavior because he's #mentally Challenged #Bipolar ,# Autism spectrum, #ADHD , #Hearing impaired, and also #Seizures . I think I'm going to beat the hell out of my daughters damn it doll, then take a nap.
#Baastrupt syndrome
# Bone spurs
#Cauda Equine Syndrome #Costochondritis
#hiatal Hernia
# Peripheral Neuropathy
# Pleurisy W/D
#Raynard syndrome
#spinal stenosis