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How have you managed to enter new relationships since you became sick/got worse etc?

I’m alone. I have been for nearly four years. my last partner broke up with me when I became sick and said that I’m “broken and useless and will never be anything else.” His words scarred me. Last summer, however, I came to the realisation that I’m actually lesbian.

But how do I meet people? I’m on the dating app POF because I can’t get out of the house much alone. But I’ve had some truly horrible people contact me. Some people have told me that no one wants to be with a sick girl. Others have said that I’m trying to trap girls into a relationship and then lumber them with my illnesses. (Despite the fact the first thing I write on a profile is that I have multiple chronic health conditions).

And one girl... I told her that one day relatively soon I’m going to need a new liver. She said; “There’s no point in looking for love if you’re just going to die soon.”

Now THAT hurt. It still hurts. I just want someone to love, to cuddle, to share my day with... Is that so bad?

#LivingWithPOTS #EDS #BPD #NAFLD #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis #Love #harsh #sad #Cuddles #pleasehelp