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How do you deal with depression stemming from being in pain?

I have psoriatic arthritis. I hurt very much and it makes me sad and scared. I'm concerned because I've starting picking. #Psoriasis #PsoriaticArthritis #MentalHealth #Depression #Picking


mental health care is so difficult

Couldn’t make my biweekly therapy appointment on Friday because of Migraine…I hate having unreliable access to my therapist because there aren’t enough counselors at my college so the few good ones are over booked 😓it’s nice that we have free counseling but not when you can’t actually get consistent appointments. Now idk when I’m gonna get to see her next. My anxiety is real bad right now, my picking is at an all time high and idk how to stop fixating. Any folks who have found tips/tricks for #Picking ? #Anxiety #Hyperfixation



I found that my teenage daughter was cutting a couple years ago after losing yet another classmate to suicide. I told her how I pick when I'm stressed, but it doesn't make me feel any better about anything. It's the first time she has ever opened up to me about how she was feeling. She consented to going to counseling which helped her a lot. Now she just tells me to stop when I am picking subconsciously and takes my hand away. Of course, that only works if she's with me. I've been picking for as long as I can remember, so it's not something that just goes aw6. #I 'm a picker

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InPatient Waitlisted?!?

#Inpatient #ComplexPTSD #Anxiety #OCD #Night terrors #Depression #Insomnia #SuicideIdeation #Picking #Flashbacks #tired and weary #ChildAbuse #SexualTrauma

So I have been slowly drowning in all of it. Everyday I tread water just barely breaking through the waves of all the chaos within me to take a breath before I get pulled under.

I fight because I have to. I have a responsibility to my 2 children and husband not to be the reason for any pain like my family was responsible for all of my brokenness. I would never do that to them because I am better than that.

I am losing control of everything so that all I can actually deal with is my couch and barely getting by. I lose my thoughts and control and my words come tumbling forth in torment causing my loved ones to tremble in fear. Their eyes tear me to pieces.. it’s a reflection I know too well.

I come to terms I need to go Inpatient for Stabilization and to go into various programs to deal with my unresolved past that has begun to creep in the past slowly hijacking my life. I am 46 and I am so tired and weary... it’s time no more putting it off.

Three weeks of getting everything in order. So much stress.. strung out so tightly like a rubber band about to break. Everything is put in place, kids taken care of, school shopping done... bags packed...

Ready.. Set.... no room at the inn?!? 2 days later nothing.... this isn’t good.. things are bad.... tension and anxiety can be literally sliced in the home... my little one cries and has headaches and stomaches I have caused. I try to fix things when I am so broken. My child is going to the therapist.. My mind races... I don’t want to screw up my children.. I don’t want them to have to recover from me and their childhood..mind swirling.. thoughts racing.. heart pounding.. guilt.. shame

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Broken system when there’s so many broken!


I pick at my hands and fingers to the point of bleeding and having regular infections. What have you tried to stop this habit? #Picking #OCD

#MentalHealth #OCD #Picking

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Hi Loves! Ok well I’ve always been a picker since I was a child. Picking scabs or anything on my skin that could be picked. But, the past year my #Scars picking has gotten extremely bad to the point where it can be a small nip on my skin but I pick until it’s a crusty big wound. Recently I went into the hospital and I talked to the doctor on how I like picking until I get very deep and let it scab again to pick it deep all over again. She said it’s very similar to “ cutting “ I have so many scars all over my body it’s horrible and embarrassing. All caused by my extreme anxiety which seems out of control. Can anyone relate? #Anxiety #Picking