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Need moral support #overworked #depleted #exhausted #achinglegs #wornout

I am a hospital staff person. I work my soul off helping the old, the young, the dead , the dying. The kind people the rotten ingrates. The lovely ones and the grabby handsy ones. No matter who no matter what I give 150% to help. It’s so hard.everything hurts from my soul to my legs I see so much sadness so much tragedy so much pathos. I had a terribly difficult night. I need to get up and start my day. It’s hard . #notjustcovid #COVID #Sadness #tragedy #humanity #Caregiving #HealthCare #respiratorytherapy

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How long have you gone between manic periods?

It's been MONTHS for me. None of it is fun but at least I have energy when I'm manic. Im a stay at home mom. Juggling it alone cause my husband is currently serving his time at basic and advanced individual training for Army NG. I have one child. 5 cats (gotta love rescue fails) and a dog. If I could just get one of them manic episodes, that'd be great. (Sarcasm....I just need the energy to clean my house.)
#BipolarDisorder #Stayathomemom #tired #depleted #litterboxesaregross


Feeling overwhelmed #overwhelmed #depleted #hopeless

The problems in the country have me immobilized today.
I am feeling overwhelmed. The sadness I feel is debilitating. Why does one person have to have so much empathy? I don't want it anymore! Can't I have just a few days where I just don't care.


Move on! #Depression #MDD #Anxiety #tired #depleted

Hey depression, I'm getting really tired of you. I have grown quite bored with how you drag me down day after day. I'm a little irritated with how you suck the life out of me so even a shower or, god-forbid, going out in the world to face people is a hurdle I can't bear. It's really annoying how you've stolen my concentration and my brain function so that even writing this to reach out to others takes so long and so much effort. I want to punch you in the face for making me feel like I can't even function at a job anymore and for making me feel like a bad mother because I can't do anything fun or help my kids enjoy life. "F" you depression for 3 DECADES of this crap. As soon as life is going great and I'm positive and strong, BAM- you're right back in my face! Back to medication (that causes new problems)- and therapy (yes I know it's helpful). Just wish you would end your relationship with me for good. I would love to be dumped by you!!