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🎠 Getting Out Of Here 💗

With so many problems in this world #Jobs and #hiring people should not be in that list. It is not the person that is always the problem, often times it is the job interviewing process. There are one too many methods that can make you want to #cry and #scream out in frustration.

Expecially when a job expects you to submit your resume and job history, and then suddenly ask you to fill it out all over again.

Jobs should look at your resume, watch how your spelling is, and view to see what kind of personality they may have. Call the applicant to get to know them a bit.

I seriously need a #DayOut of here so I can refresh my mind. #DisneyWorld and #UniversalStudios are two places that are on my mind.

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Missing my Dad

What do I do when I feel like a piece of me died with him? I miss my #Dad more than anything. I am #hesrtbroken and thinking about the days he and I went to #MagicKingdom together and all the #DisneyWorld magic that we had in our hearts. This lives on with me.

I miss you Dad..


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How the disability passes work at Disney World #Disability #Diabetes #CerebralPalsy

I’m going to Disney World (Florida).In the first week of June. When going to Disney World what is your experience with the disability FASTPASS. Do you need a doctors note explanation your disability? How does it work with a larger group of people?
#DisneyWorld #MentalHealth

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