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Book: 'Getting Past Your Past' Francine Shapiro (Negative cognition > Positive cognition)

👤Self reflection:
Where to turn to when I'm feeling low about myself.
I will try my best to turn around my negative self-talk
Negative cognition > Positive cognition

Let me know if this was helpful. Just wanting to share for those interested in reading...

#distractmewithbooks #selfhelp #mindset #Anxiety #Depression #traumainformed

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Book: 'Getting Past Your Past...'

**whoops forgot to put the full title and author on my original post

Francine Shapiro

Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life With Self-Help Techniques From EMDR Therapy

I borrowed this book at the time I was studying a course in Mental Health, unit on 'Trauma-informed care'.
with hopes I could understand and educate myself on what might be involved in 'trauma-informed care'.

So far I have come across some helpful strategies regarding self-talk. Referring to above page in the book.

#self -talk #Selfcare #distractmewithbooks

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Book: 'Getting Past Your Past...'

Hi Mighties,

Just came across
this which I thought would be useful
for my Mental Health studies for the unit
'Trauma-informed care'

So far I have found some useful strategies to change negative self-talk.

I will share two pages on a separate post

#distractmewithbooks #traumainformed #Selfcare #mindset

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Currently started📖

Self explanatory
Mental health is linked to physical health

Yes, it is easier said than done.
You could interpret as 'You are what you eat'

The book so far has explored scientific based research on the importance of nutrition for treating psychosocial conditions as the title stated above.

It will be insightful to read on and understand the complexities of the gut.

#Selfcare #distractmewithbooks

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Now reading📖#Happiness

Just a page from the introductory chapter of this book I have just started reading tonight. 'The Positive Shift' by Catherine A. Sanderson

Here's hoping it will provide scientific based strategies. I will definitely share the ones I might use on myself and for those of you who are interested in it too.

I have had some OMG moments in the last few weeks particularly yesterday midday, I had a massive meltdown...It's been a long time since I cried that way since major grief.
It was a release I probably needed.

#Anxiety #Depression #Selfcare #DistractMe #distractmewithbooks #Selflove #positive #Bekindtoyourself #MightyBookClub #inspire #empower #Book

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Sunday thoughts - 'Breathwork' 📖🤔

Healing is a timely process.

I personally feel mindfulness - breathing exercises helps me process things better.
I have found it most beneficial for me at the start of the morning and/or winding down before bed.

Consciously breathing, it is a skill to hone in on. It's great way to keep yourself grounded.

There is a saying that time heals everything.
I think this is true and so relevant.

Hope you have a lovely weekend
Hope those in lockdown in Oz, can enjoy the sunshine while we can! 🦋🐝🍃

#distractmewithbooks #DistractMe #MentalHealth #selfcarelounge #Selfcare #Positivity

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Get my bookworm on!

Just got my MHP updated, Feeling overwhelmed with a heavy and sensitive topic starting from next Thursday.

Grateful I have an accomodating Doctor

Super relieved I can stay with my previous psych

Grateful for the glorious sunshine Melbourne is graced with

Let me gain knowledge and coping skills through these self care tools.

God give me inner strength.☺️

Hope you have a lovely day!🌤

#Bekindtoyourself #DistractMe #distractmewithbooks #MentalHealth #Anxiety

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Book recommended

Seems like it could be an insightful exploration of how Dopamine affects our relationships, what effects it does with certain issues.

I've only read an excerpt from one chapter he's forwarded to me on drugs.
It can be useful in therapy.

#MentalHealth #distractmewithbooks