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Depression, marital problems and I'm so upset.

I've always struggled with depression my entire life. It's been even more so the last few years, mainly caused by chronic pain from being involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents in a 3 week period. I've had numerous in hospital stays over it. I just recently had to have a total neck fusion 8 weeks ago. During this time I was separated from my Husband. Honestly, it was getting easier for me to be alone with my dog. Now I gave up my cute home thinking my Husband and I were trying to work things out and save our 20 year marriage. Well, I was so wrong. He has been lying the whole 2 weeks I've been living now. He confessed to me he had been using dope. if I had known that two weeks ago , I would have not done this move. Now I cant work which I always have due to my surgery recovery. I seriously think I'm about to be homeless. This all hurts me. I cant believe I let down my guard! #distraught #angry .
Sorry I just didn't know where else to vent.

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Would you mind saying a prayer? #Depression #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #Heartbroken #distraught #CheckInWithMe #help #ThankYou

The other day we had a mishap and one of the earrings my mother left to me before she passed was lost. They were my most cherished I am absolutely heartbroken one has been lost. I have furiously taken apart the entire area an absurd amount of times and am now asking for some prayers, even positive energy or good will. I just can not wrap my head around why this has occurred. I understand objects do not replace people, but I sure felt good wearing that earring of hers. ❤️. Thank you for your thoughts 🙏🏻. Peace.


#CheckInWithMe GRIEF

#CheckInWithMe It’s been a year since I lost 2 sisters 2 months apart. I have #bipolar and #borderline. At the time, I rushed around trying to be strong for their kids. I cried for maybe 2 days, but not really #grief crying. Just #sad.
Now a year later I’m #devastated . My heart is #breaking I’m not just sad I’m #distraught with #Grief . I’m unable to function and just #sob with agony #grieving 
I wonder if my #Borderline has anything to do with making my #Grief so incredibly #intense ?  I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how long #grieving should last or if this is really #grieving Is it my #Borderline playing up It can’t be there’s no reason. I #desperately want to feel some kind of happiness. Even 5 minutes. But inside it feels like I’m slowly #dying .

Please someone help me.