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Hi! I’m new here…

I am a new member with a few rare diseases and mental health conditions due to an entire life filled with trauma. I’m hoping to find others like me so I don’t feel so alone in this daily fight to stay alive. #MightyTogether #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Agoraphobia #EmptySellaSyndrome #hashimoto #Anxiety #PTSD #OccipitalNeuralgia #longhaulcovid


My daughter is a Jr. in high school. Next year she will be going off to college. I’ve known this for 17 years. I can’t stop crying, #EmptySellaSyndrome #Anxiety #Depression

I’ve known for 17 year that this would happen. I don’t know why now it’s hit me so hard. She will still be here until fall 2020 so everyone keeps telling me I’ve got time, don’t be sad. I don’t know how to get past this so I am not breaking down into tears 4 times a day. Any advice?
She is my oldest, we are very close, she is my daughter first and for most but she is also my friend. We are close and she will talk to me about anything. I know all of these emotions are real and have a time but how can I get over it right now? Like I said did the last week or so it’s hit me so hard I cry so much