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i’ve been doing a lot of research lately about adhd/autism, and i relate to both about some things but other things i don’t relate at all. i don’t know what to do because i am so desperate for answers to my constant state of people pleasing and burnout because i relate to masking, but i don’t want to label myself and be wrong. does anyone have any suggestions? #Anxiety #audhd

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I just need quiet like the Matilda song

Autistic burnout sucks. I started losing my ability to verbalize 100% coherently on Friday night. I can speak, it's not like a selective mutism. But I've spoken so much in the past week and in a very masked way, that trying to convey complex thoughts verbally seems impossible now.

It's so frustrating when this happens that I involuntary start crying and it's hard to stop.

Visiting family is great. But I may have to be way more deliberate about my boundaries and taking breaks to be completely alone.

#audhd #Autism #ADHD #Burnout

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Advice on "vacation" needed. #audhd #Autism

I have an upcoming trip scheduled to visit my husband's family for a week. His father passed in 2021 so it's only his mom currently at the house.

I am #Autistic and am usually triggered into anxiety when I am in someone else's space for an extended period of time. I feel like I can't fully be myself in this space and the masking causes extreme overload.

In the past, after about 3 or 4 days, I usually end up having a meltdown for a couple of hours. Locking myself in a room alone.

Does anyone have tips or advice for mitigating this?

I cannot completely unmask in front of my MIL, she is an evangelical Christian and I am an atheist with a dark sense of humor. We have an okay relationship, but she will never know me fully.

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Grieving what I missed.

Hello. New here at The Mighty. In my early 40s. Went to a neuropsychologist last year (after lifelong treatment resistant depression) suspecting Autism and came out with both Autism and ADHD.

Currently in a bit of a grief process, thinking about the things I missed out on (4 year college is one) because I thought they were "hard" and not meant for me. Not realizing if I had known then I could have asked for accommodations.

It doesn't help to ruminate on tue "what ifs" but I still need to process.

#audhd #Autism #ADHD #Depression #Anxiety

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ISO journal inspo

hey friends and fae!
just wondering what your favourite journal prompts are? the brain fog is thicc.

#mentalhealth #Journal #journalprompts #Writing #Healing #progress #BPD #audhd #ADHD