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    Feeling lost

    Autoimmune disease and work (above photo of me in life threatening DKA)

    I’m 21 years old and I’ve never felt this out of touch with the world before. I’m really conflicted between getting a part-time job, or reaslising that I will not be able to work and do the things other individuals my age do. Often people will see me out with friends or family, laughing, smiling and not looking disabled at all. However many of my 7 health conditions are invisible, unless im in my wheelchair on seizing on the floor. Sometimes this can be a problem for me, people often tilt their heads when I say I don’t work, or im on health benifits, and for some reason there’s such a stigma around it that sometimes im even embarrassed to say. 21, most of my friends are full time workers or people I know have families and houses, not me, im stuck in a rut of not knowing what to do. I feel so lost and confused. Mentally and physically drained. What am I meant to be doing. Should I be trying harder, or should I go easier on myself and just enjoy my life without worrying about other peoples opinion of me. Ugh!!!!! it’s so frustrating that I want to be able to do all these things but my body just doesn’t let me. Time is the best healer in this situation I believe. Give myself time and a chance to self love and find myself before I go into looking for jobs and a house etc. Who cares when I get there or how!! I know I will someday (fingers crossed) just enjoy the here and now!! #AutoimmuneDisease #ChronicDepression #ChronicFatigue #EpilepsyFoundation #AutoimmuneHepatitis #Lupus #DiabetesType1 #AutonomicDysfunction #Hypothyroid #GettingHelp

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    I’m having VNS surgery next month. Anyone been through it and can share their experiences after the implant was inserted?

    #EpilepsyFoundation #Epilepsy #SeizureDisorder

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    This is just a post where you can vent what’s going on? #EpidermolysisBullosa #EpilepsyFoundation #Autism #Depression #DistractMe


    First time posting

    Epilepsy you are so cruel, you keep me away from many things, but I gave you a fight.. when I thought my life were worthless my destiny showed me that I was able to keep going.. I became a nurse to help others but how I help myself? For the world I am one of a kind, people wonder how I made it through English school, then college and nursing school... but for me it wasn’t the heaven, I was fighting everyday, and my only purpose were to showed that I was able to do anything.,, now that school is done and I finally got a job, I don’t feel happy.. seizures are coming back, just little ones, but I’m afraid that I am going to be punished for being greedy.
    I don’t know the first nurse or doctor with epilepsy, my job is hard and stressful.,, how I will deal with it ? How I will deal with my kids and husband? And how I will deal with graduate school ? I don’t know,.... the only thing I’m sure is that I’m becoming a zombie lifelessness, without emotions and temperamental... #Epilepsy #JuvenileMyoclonicEpilepsy #EpilepsyFoundation #Nurses

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