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Pain from Fibromyalgia

#every morning I get up, I’m in such awful pain and fatigue. I don’t get much done in the house and it drives me crazy mad. Come the evening, I’m even more tired than I was when I got up in the morning. I wish they can find some medication to help with the fibro. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for over 45 years.

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Just the thought

#every Little bit of Compassion helps as does #Empathy .. I can feel a flare-up or only when talking about it makes me hurt into the very sinews of body and can be seen in the Bible “jobs wife tells him to curse god and die that’s not all of it but docs at #cleveland clinic think it’s close


Wonderful Wednesday

My caregiver was gone today cuz husband had surgery yesterday morning. I managed fairly well, cooked some chicken dish, then got ready for monthly visits from both my nurses
#Fibromyalgia , #chronic pain, # positive thoughts for the day, #Distract me, #check in with me, #Bipolar ,#Anxiety flashbacks, #breast cancer survivor-17 yrs, #every day fighter, ##Never GIVE UP, #enjot the moment,
Time to relax and enjoy world Series game. Signing off mighties.


The Three F's

#frustrate #frustrated #frustrating
I seldom walk anymore. Multiple Sclerosis has made my legs so incredibly heavy and spastic that even the thought, much less the actual act, of walking brings fatigue on in full force. However, feeling quite 'adventurous' - after a non-harmful fall no doubt - once I got myself together, I took about 2 1\2 - 3 steps to get back to my #lift chair. A #struggle it was indeed, but I was incredibly pleased with myself as I heavily plopped into my chair. The euphoric and prideful moment was short lived once my son pummeled me with his words down the tunnel of the three F's... He managed to #frustrate me by telling me that I should push myself to do it more often. I was so #frustrated because I fight everyday with this #chronic #degenerative #Disease to #endure pain and challenges in addition to completing the smallest of #tasks he doesn't even understand. How #frustrating it is to receive "encouragement" in the form of telling me, in the midst of one huge ball of #struggle to #push myself when that's all I do... #every single day! Btw, I'm still proud of my " #MS struggle steps"! ;-)