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    #Cat in the #NewYear

    Here's placing my commitment to engaging in positive thoughts that will work positive energy that will materialize my wish/prayer that this year, & many following, will be MUCH MUCH BETTER than 2022 was to/for me.

    And I #Hope & #Pray that 2023 bring MUCH #Joy , #peace , & #relief to #all of us that #Suffer from #devastating effects of #ChronicIllness , especially those of us whom are asked to #endure #ChronicPain , especially those of us, that suffer continuous non-stop pain, especially those of us who's entire body is afflicted, for I do know that #Pain does kinda cancel out/prevent us from any/all pleasurable #Emotions . At least, personally speaking, I'm always miserable, & since I lost my cat a little past last New Year (of 2022),, so went my smile, & any & every semblance of the person I was. The person I liked being. Please, #god , give me a sweet cat soon. Very soon, I'd really #hate to #Lose hope again. So please don't hold back on my #blessing of a cat too long. I need #help & #relief . Please don't make it all disappear into the #dark #pit I've lived in. For all too too long. #please bring me #light & #Hope to see this to its fruition. I need to bring home a Cat. Know that. You do. , I ask,in #Jesus ' name. Thanks for reading my post, all you caring & supportive #mightyfriends 🙋💗🍬 #MightyTogether #peace

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    The Three F's

    #frustrate #frustrated #frustrating
    I seldom walk anymore. Multiple Sclerosis has made my legs so incredibly heavy and spastic that even the thought, much less the actual act, of walking brings fatigue on in full force. However, feeling quite 'adventurous' - after a non-harmful fall no doubt - once I got myself together, I took about 2 1\2 - 3 steps to get back to my #lift chair. A #struggle it was indeed, but I was incredibly pleased with myself as I heavily plopped into my chair. The euphoric and prideful moment was short lived once my son pummeled me with his words down the tunnel of the three F's... He managed to #frustrate me by telling me that I should push myself to do it more often. I was so #frustrated because I fight everyday with this #chronic #degenerative #Disease to #endure pain and challenges in addition to completing the smallest of #tasks he doesn't even understand. How #frustrating it is to receive "encouragement" in the form of telling me, in the midst of one huge ball of #struggle to #push myself when that's all I do... #every single day! Btw, I'm still proud of my " #MS struggle steps"! ;-)


    90 Seconds to #endure . (C) Mark Bryant 2018

    When the #Pain seems #Overwhelming
    And it’s all too much to take
    When the #waves keep breaking over and over
    Every moment you’re awake
    It might be helpful to understand
    The rhythmic nature of waves
    When the swells just keep on rising
    In the refuge of now flooded caves
    You reach out but just can’t grasp it
    The rope of #Hope appears lost
    And the sodden clothes you keep wearing
    Are so tidal that they’re home for moss.
    But if you were to look from the sidelines
    From the #Safety of the shore
    That even the biggest waves have to break –
    You’ve got about 90 seconds to #endure .
    Whether it be the valley before the wave
    And the distance from bottom to top
    Or the view as you crest up the wall of the wave
    And all you #anticipate is the drop.
    Or the churning motion when you’re slammed down
    Into nature’s washing machine
    And tumble-dry is the only option
    As your lungs burn and scream
    It will subside, it will relent
    You won’t forever be reeling
    Take courage my friend, because after all
    A #Feeling is just that – A FEELING!
    So observe it and surf it, don’t make a home in it
    Because it wouldn’t be very mature
    To spend a lifetime living bad #feelings
    That only take 90 seconds to #endure .


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