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Service Animals and Handlers need respect and space.

It's always a curious thing when people see my service dog. Not all #ServiceDogs are the same. there's no one dog must fit all. some dogs are for #medicalalerts , others help with #VisionLoss or #impairments , some help with mobility, some help with #PTSD triggered, And some are just an amazing lifeline to everything. I know the only two questions that I am legally allowed to asked. I know that registration companies are a huge waste of money. And I know social etiquette is #DoNotPetAServiceAnimal , do not take #Photos of the service dog, not make kissy noises at the service dog, or distract the dog from working in any other manner.

I constantly get bombarded with questions, mainly all stemming because Jethro is a huge dog. He is a nearly full grown and you can see him from a mile away. And I love his size because he helps so much with my #stability when I am #ambulatory . I do enjoy that he takes most of the attention off of me and my huge #Braces and wheelchair.

No one asks me questions when Jethro is with me like "what is wrong with you?" I'm not bombarded with horrible questions by strangers that think that they have the right to my #medicalhistory .

I wish that there was more representation of proper service dog #Etiquette in TV shows, movies, and on social media. I see so many amazing memes and lines that would be amazing on a shirt. For example, "would you ask to pet my wheelchair? Thought not."

There needs to be more sharing that not all dogs perform the same #tasks , behave the same way, look the same, are of the same breed, or come from the same #trainer . each dog has their own personality, own habits, and own little quirks. Lastly, the general public need to understand that dogs can be self trained to do the minimal #TwoTasks necessary to become a #ServiceDog.

So what are some good practices for the general public to deal with service animals? That's a great question.
🐕‍🦺First off never touch one unless you have #permission.
🦮Also, you do not need to show service animals attention. They are working and sometimes it can be #deadly if they're distracted.
🐕‍🦺Look at the handlers' eyes, not the animal. engage with the handler.
🦮If a service animal comes to you without their handler, follow it. Don't touch it, don't pick it up, don't catch it and put it somewhere confined. Follow it because you might be saving that handler's life.
🐕‍🦺Service animals are allowed everywhere and protected by many laws; However, #EmotionalSupportAnimals and are not.
🦮Service animals in a grocery store or a restaurant is NOT a violation of any health code.
🐕‍🦺 Service animals provide for a better quality of life, assist handlers in tasks that might otherwise be #painful, dangerous for the handler due to #medical issues, or exhausting for that patient.
🦮Because service animals are considered a piece of #medicalequipment , handlers cannot be charged pet fees in places like hotels or on #Airlines .


The Three F's

#frustrate #frustrated #frustrating
I seldom walk anymore. Multiple Sclerosis has made my legs so incredibly heavy and spastic that even the thought, much less the actual act, of walking brings fatigue on in full force. However, feeling quite 'adventurous' - after a non-harmful fall no doubt - once I got myself together, I took about 2 1\2 - 3 steps to get back to my #lift chair. A #struggle it was indeed, but I was incredibly pleased with myself as I heavily plopped into my chair. The euphoric and prideful moment was short lived once my son pummeled me with his words down the tunnel of the three F's... He managed to #frustrate me by telling me that I should push myself to do it more often. I was so #frustrated because I fight everyday with this #chronic #degenerative #Disease to #endure pain and challenges in addition to completing the smallest of #tasks he doesn't even understand. How #frustrating it is to receive "encouragement" in the form of telling me, in the midst of one huge ball of #struggle to #push myself when that's all I do... #every single day! Btw, I'm still proud of my " #MS struggle steps"! ;-)