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Conscious Peace and Happiness

It can be very difficult to enduring throughout these "critical times" that cause so much stress, anxiety, depression and mental anguish. If we seek to be faithful to not only ourselves, but for those of us that believe in the Creator, Him first and foremost as well as those whom we love, much effort is required on our part. It can be hard to choose between whether or not we spend that extra change we've made on someone else to help them, or on ourselves to help sedate whatever pains we may be going through. Oftentimes, we don't even have that extra in order to do so. This is why I want to speak on where true happiness comes from and the peace that it comes with it. Whether or not our thoughts and actions reflect love for not only ourselves, but the Oneness of Humanity that we exist amidst can be seen by means of our deeds. It is love for God and fellow human being that will cause us to make sacrifices that involve letting go of things that may be preventing us from being of service to someone else in life. In order for us to be leaders, we must first be servants. Everyone alive has been provided with an inner moral compass and it is up to us how well we train it according to the value system held by the spirit from which we all have been created. Many laws and principles exist, such as the idiom, "Treat others as you would like to be treated", that if we live by, does much to improve our quality of life and that of those who're positively affected by such an integral state of mind.

We must remember that true inner peace and happiness comes from within, and unfortunately, these two qualities are foreign treasures to entirely too many people in these stressful times that we live. These above two mentioned treasures are commonly misplaced with the mistaken guise of material items and pursuits. Tangible things do not bring true peace nor happiness, because if you take them away, then where does your peace and happiness go? Right along with the object, place, person, idea or whatever. True peace and happiness stems from knowing and appreciating our worth, contributing toward the growth of it as well as the growth of others. And giving plays a very big role in defining our happiness and peace. We are all united because we all come from the same two human beings. So, any contribution made toward another is a gift we've given unto ourselves. True happiness can only be found along the path of righteousness. Appreciation for life is developed within the soul anyone who repeatedly does the right thing for an indefinite period of time, and with that appreciation comes the well-earned benefit of being truly happy. A good conscience is birthed and nurtured through kindness, loving, a joyful heart, mild spirit, the will to control self and ultimately, a natural state of tranquility. #nonprofit #grateful #behavioralhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #emotionalhealing #optimisticcharacterdevelopment #dvizionsinspiredexpressions #faithoverfear #livelovelovelife #growthroughthepain #stoptheviolence #openhomestobrokenhomes

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When Intuition Overcomes Anxiety #faithoverfear #intuition #AnxietyDisorders #PeaceInThePain

'Intuition Overcoming Anxiety'. To some it may seem like a concept that is easy to grasp. But to others, including me, maybe not so much. If any of you are unfamiliar with what intuition is (and there is nothing wrong with that), I invite you to look it up as it may help make sense of what I am getting at. Being able to trust and act on your own intuition is not always an easy feat.

If you are part of this community on 'The Mighty', odds are that you have at least some familiarity with Anxiety. Now, you likely also are aware (if you aren't, I invite you to look into it) that 'anxiety' is one thing, an 'Anxiety Disorder' is a whole different ballgame. And it gets even more complicated from there (as in the the individual disorders, the degrees of each, and the individual's own experience of it.

Now, back to the idea of 'Intuition Overcoming Anxiety'. I myself only have my own experience to base what I am about to say on, but I know it is possible, because it happened to me. And I mean, it happened in a situation where even now, I'm not even sure I fully comprehend how, given the physical, mental, and emotional state I was in, I was even able to tune in to my intuition act on it. I do have my own spirituality that I accredit but ultimately, the decisions I made, and the results thereof, showed how my intuition overcame my anxiety.

So, my question for you all is, have you had experiences where your Intuition has Overcome your Anxiety? You are in no way expected to share your story if you don't want to. But feel free to share in the comments if you'd like! Thanks!

#Anxiety #physicalanxiety #fightorflight #believeinyourself #strengthwithin #MightyTogether

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When life gives you lemons...

Take a fireball shot. Today marks five years I’ve been living with this chronic illness. Rather than crawling into bed in tears, I invited my supporters for a walk by Fireball shot parade. #faithoverfear #drinkofcourage #celebratenotisolate #MdDS

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Bridge over Fear #WritingThroughIt #Anxiety


I took my daughter to the park today. This is not an uncommon occurrence; we like to go two or three times a week when we can, and there’s not a pandemic keeping them closed. My little one, currently a terrific two-year-old, is fearless and completely undaunted by the unknown (a trait I wish I shared at times). And she likes to play on the 5-12 playground, of course.

My mom instincts want to herd her away to the little, more safe playground. It’s easier, smaller, more familiar. But my daughter, with a glint is determination, rushes straight over to the big playground and starts to climb. Anxiety claws through me; am I a good parent for letting her do this? It seems like it’s unsafe...I don’t want her to fall. I hover protectively for a while, watching her every move.

Until she gets to the bridge. It’s a swaying plank bridge with big gaps between the slats. And I see the fear in her eyes. I can’t save her; she’s going to have to cross it or find another way to get down. And she wants to cross it. Still timid and fearful at first, she starts to cross, testing the swaying bridge with her little foot. She starts to put her weight into it, still nervous but growing more confident. She grabs for my hand through the bars to steady her; she knows I’m near but she wants to do this. And step by step, with a boldness that surprises me, my little two-year-old crosses this bridge. I saw the biggest grin break across her face, and she exclaimed, “I DID IT!” and jumped up and down.

I realized a few things in this moment, as a parent, as a daughter of Christ, as someone who struggles with mental health.

As a parent, I learned that even though my child is only two, she is bold, ambitious, strong, determined, and more beautiful than I ever realized— and I want her to always know that. I want to support her as she dreams big, beautiful, impossible dreams like my parents did for me.

I’ve also learned (or, I’ve been learning for a while now) that sometimes you have to do it afraid. Even when you’re crossing a bridge you don’t know if you’re even capable of crossing— that others have told you specifically NOT to cross, sometimes you just have to swallow your fear and hold on to faith in that moment. One step at a time. I get so tired of letting anxiety rule my thoughts and keep me from the joy of the present, and the future. All it takes is one step at a time.

I want to be bold like my daughter, childlike wonder in my eyes, joyful expectation that there is goodness on the other side of the bridge. Even if I have to inch my way across, I want to cross the bridges the Lord lays before me, holding fast to His hand all the while.

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