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Our Thoughts predetermine our Feelings - Our Feelings predetermine our Behaviors - Our Behaviors reinforce our Thoughts

So when we come from a place of severe Trauma; Abuse; Neglect; we tend to have Negative, and Reactive Thought processes. This tends to present itself in Negative Trauma Response to our CURRENT situation, regardless of whether we are still experiencing the Trauma...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps to retrain the Mind back to more Positive Thoughts, which leads to Positive Feelings, and helps us to have more Positive Interactions and Behavior patterns... It takes time to learn and develop the Proper COPING SKILLS to overcome years of Abuse... The Patterns become so ingrained that we are unaware of our Responses or how we are Affecting those around us...

#AutismSpectrum #ADD #Anxiety #behavioralhealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD #Dyslexia #EmotionalDysregulation #Guilt_Shame #intensemoodswings #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Selfharm #SuicideSurvivor

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Conscious Peace and Happiness

It can be very difficult to enduring throughout these "critical times" that cause so much stress, anxiety, depression and mental anguish. If we seek to be faithful to not only ourselves, but for those of us that believe in the Creator, Him first and foremost as well as those whom we love, much effort is required on our part. It can be hard to choose between whether or not we spend that extra change we've made on someone else to help them, or on ourselves to help sedate whatever pains we may be going through. Oftentimes, we don't even have that extra in order to do so. This is why I want to speak on where true happiness comes from and the peace that it comes with it. Whether or not our thoughts and actions reflect love for not only ourselves, but the Oneness of Humanity that we exist amidst can be seen by means of our deeds. It is love for God and fellow human being that will cause us to make sacrifices that involve letting go of things that may be preventing us from being of service to someone else in life. In order for us to be leaders, we must first be servants. Everyone alive has been provided with an inner moral compass and it is up to us how well we train it according to the value system held by the spirit from which we all have been created. Many laws and principles exist, such as the idiom, "Treat others as you would like to be treated", that if we live by, does much to improve our quality of life and that of those who're positively affected by such an integral state of mind.

We must remember that true inner peace and happiness comes from within, and unfortunately, these two qualities are foreign treasures to entirely too many people in these stressful times that we live. These above two mentioned treasures are commonly misplaced with the mistaken guise of material items and pursuits. Tangible things do not bring true peace nor happiness, because if you take them away, then where does your peace and happiness go? Right along with the object, place, person, idea or whatever. True peace and happiness stems from knowing and appreciating our worth, contributing toward the growth of it as well as the growth of others. And giving plays a very big role in defining our happiness and peace. We are all united because we all come from the same two human beings. So, any contribution made toward another is a gift we've given unto ourselves. True happiness can only be found along the path of righteousness. Appreciation for life is developed within the soul anyone who repeatedly does the right thing for an indefinite period of time, and with that appreciation comes the well-earned benefit of being truly happy. A good conscience is birthed and nurtured through kindness, loving, a joyful heart, mild spirit, the will to control self and ultimately, a natural state of tranquility. #nonprofit #grateful #behavioralhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #emotionalhealing #optimisticcharacterdevelopment #dvizionsinspiredexpressions #faithoverfear #livelovelovelife #growthroughthepain #stoptheviolence #openhomestobrokenhomes

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Sisters Keeper Organization

I am in full support of this beautiful creation by a very Inspiring Queen I admire and believe in. Please click on the link for more information and know that you are contributing toward the health of an abundance of human lives in many ways. Thankyou and may your pathways be blessed, prosperous and peaceful! #lovelifelivelove #feedthoseinneed #emotionalrecovery #mentalawareness #behavioralhealth #optimisticcharacterdevelopment


Appreciation #literare #behavioralhealth #peaceofmines

I've come to understand that a lack of appreciation spoils the soul. It destroys those opportunities for joyful moments that are full of elation due to a positive spirit as oppose to those people who only get a kick out seeing others hurt because they're hurt. That's not joy, being able to embrace laughter only at the expense of another's demise. Appreciation for life enables us to wake up in the morning and feel okay with who we are because we're grateful just to have another day. And with each that we have, the blessings that appreciation brings are taken into account only by those who cherish every waking moment as if it could be their last. I never want to be that person who is always dissatisfied because they have a sense of entitlement within their very narrow minds telling them that they don't have enough, that they aren't enough and will never be complete unless they gain more materially...when the whole time they have more than enough, more than the have-nots that actually appreciate the gift of life soooo much that their worries are not for tomorrow. Too bust being grateful 4 today. That's all. I love yall.


First BH Session

I just had my first session for behavioral health to talk about my concern about me having anxiety. What were your first experiences, do they tell you or confirm that you do have anxiety or does that happen within the next sessions? I just want to know experiences even though I know everyone's is different. This is a whole new thing I have just stepped into and it would be nice to have some guidance.

#behavioralhealth #MentalHealth #Anxiety

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